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                        April 08, 2003

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Featured News Stories

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AIIM Publishes Draft XML Standard for Interchange of Document Images
and Related Metadata.
The Association of Information and Image Management (AIIM) has
announced the ballot results for a draft specification "Extensible
Markup Language (XML) for the Interchange of Document Images and
Related Metadata." The draft standard specifies methods for using XML
for the interchange of metadata about image files, and the image files
themselves. Usage scenarios include archiving, exchange between
repositories, and display.

Adobe Announces XML Architecture for Document Creation, Collaboration,
and Process Management.
As part of its Adobe Acrobat 6.0 product line rollout, Adobe Systems
has announced a new XML architecture which enables intelligent
documents to extend the value of enterprise systems. This
comprehensive XML architecture supports end-to-end document processes
-- document creation, collaboration, and process management across the
enterprise. Adobe will publish the XML architecture specification and
deliver an XML developer toolkit.

OASIS Forms Electronic Procurement Standardization Technical
An OASIS Electronic Procurement Standardization (EPS) TC has been
formed. The TC will gather and analyze requirements for electronic
procurement standards and processes, seeking to guide the coordinated
development of global e-procurement standardization. Gaps will be
identified and new EP standards recommended as needed. The TC will
attempt to establish broad global representation from a cross section
of governments and industries.

W3C Web Ontology Working Group Publishes Last Call Working Drafts.
W3C has released five Last Call Working Draft specifications for the
OWL Web Ontology Language 1.0, together with an updated Test Cases
document. OWL is used to publish and share sets of terms called
ontologies, providing advanced Web search, software agents and
knowledge management. It is intended to provide a language that can be
used to describe the classes and relations between them that are
inherent in Web documents and applications.

OASIS Forms TC for Application Vulnerability Description Language
OASIS is forming a TC to develop an Application Vulnerability
Description Language (AVDL). The TC's goal is to create an XML
definition for exchange of information relating to security
vulnerabilities of applications exposed to networks. The AVDL TC will
focus on defining a schema that enables easy communication concerning
security vulnerabilities between various security entities that
address HTTP application-level protocol security.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"Texas Counties Pilot Online Court Filing System." By Dibya Sarkar. In
Federal Computer Week (April 08, 2003). Two Texas counties are
currently piloting a Web-based filing system for state and local
courts that will be jointly developed by BearingPoint Inc. and
Microsoft Inc; the service uses the LegalXML (Extensible Markup
Language) standard schema and Web services standards like SOAP.
"W3C Advances Semantic Web Drafts." By Paul Festa. In CNET
(April 08, 2003). Aiming to rehabilitate both the technology and the
image of its Semantic Web initiative, the Web's leading standards
group has issued a number of updates, including five working drafts
for the Web Ontology Language (OWL).
"Driving Content Management with Digital Rights Management." By Renato
Iannella and Peter Higgs. White Paper. IPR Systems Pty Ltd. April 09,
2003. 9 pages. The functions of Content Management and Digital Rights
Management systems are often confused in the market; in many cases the
CM functions and the DRM functions have high dependencies, such as the
protection of the content at the consumer end of the transaction.
"AIIM Zeroes in On Content Control. Vignette, Atomz, FatWire Roll Out
Offerings." By Cathleen Moore. In InfoWorld (April 08, 2003). Content
management wares took center stage at the AIIM 2003 Conference in New
York , as vendors unveiled offerings designed to pull together
content, portal, and process management capabilities.
"Sun Wastes Little Time Preparing WS-I 'Wish List'." By Vance
McCarthy. In Integration Developer News (April 07, 2003). Sun
Microsystems is wasting little time mapping out their agenda for
contributing to the WS-I (Web Services Interoperability Organization),
a multi-vendor web services group of more than 160+ vendors co-founded
by Microsoft and IBM.
"Fast XSLT." By Steve Punte. From (April 02, 2003). The
widespread adoption of the W3C's XML transformation language has led
to a demand for fast, conformant XSLT processors; one way of achieving
speed is to pre-compile XSLT stylesheets.
"Conditional Execution." By Bob DuCharme. From (April 02,
2003). In this month'sTransforming XML column, DuCharme explains the
use of the conditional constructs xsl:if and xsl:choose in order to
selectively execute part of a stylesheet.
"XML Isn't Too Hard." By Kendall Grant Clark. From (April 02,
2003). The XML-Deviant column this week returns to the controversy
sparked by Tim Bray's claim that XML was 'too hard for programmers'.
"KXML: A Great Find for XML Parsing in J2ME." By Robert Cadena. From (April 04, 2003). Enhydra's kXML is a great little XML parser
with a small footprint, making it perfect for J2ME apps.
"Making Progress in Web Services." By Lisa Vaas. In eWEEK (April 08,
2003). The Progress Company plans to announce OpenEdge, a development
platform for creating applications that consume and generate Web
services, at its annual users' conference next week in Boston.,3959,1010218,00.asp
"Will the Real Reliable Messaging Please Stand Up? A.K.A. WS-
Reliability, WS-ReliableMessaging, or WS-ReliableConundrum?" By Dave
Chappell (Vice President and Chief Technology Evangelist, Sonic
Software). Sonic Technical Report (Position Paper). April 02, 2003. 9
pages. The need for open standards defining reliable Web services has
become so widely recognized that three competing sets of SOAP-based
reliable messaging specifications have been proposed.
"Web Service Reliability." Nokia Technical Report. 18 pages.
Reliability involves guaranteed delivery. duplicate elimination,
ordering, crash tolerance, and state synchronization.
"XML and Java Technologies: Data Binding Part 3: JiBX Architecture."
By Dennis M. Sosnoski (President, Sosnoski Software Solutions, Inc).
From IBM developerWorks, XML zone. April 01, 2003. Enterprise Java
technology expert Dennis Sosnoski gives a guided tour of his JiBX
framework for XML data binding in Java applications.
"BEA Defends Its Turf." By Darryl K. Taft. In eWEEK (April 04, 2003).
BEA Systems Inc. came out swinging after a week of taking hits from
"Degrees of Freedom: Virtuoso Universal Server 3.0 Expands the
Horizons of Data Access, Integration, and Delivery." By Jon Udell. In
InfoWorld Issue 12 (March 24, 2003), pages 1, 19-20. Virtuoso
Universal Server 3.0 Beta is enterprise middleware that unifies SQL,
text, XML, and object data; it will play an increasingly vital role in
delivering business data to users.
"Acrobat 6: Long-Awaited Features for Professional Publishers." By
Bernd Zipper. In The Seybold Report (April 8, 2003). Special Article.
ISSN: 1533-9211. 12 pages. Adobe has introduced the latest version of
Acrobat, which has grown into a whole family of software products; new
functions in Acrobat and in PDF files naturally require an extension
of the PDF language specification.
"XML Development with Eclipse." By Pawel Leszek (Independent software
consultant). From IBM developerWorks, Open source projects. April 8,
2003. This article provides an overview of how the Eclipse Platform
supports XML development.
"XBRL: Standardizing Financial Data." By Amy Rogers. In CRN (April 04,
2003). In the wake of accounting scandals, Extensible Business
Reporting Language (XBRL), an offshoot of XML, promises to help make
public companies more consistent in the way their financial data is
transmitted, reported and presented to investors.
"A Quick Introduction to OWL Web Ontology Language." By Roger L.
Costello and David B. Jacobs. OWL Tutorial from The MITRE Corporation,
sponsored by DARPA.
"Adobe Updates Acrobat for the XML Era." By Tony Smith. In The
Register (April 07, 2003). Adobe has melded its Portable Document
Format (PDF) and XML, updating its Acrobat family of PDF creation
tools to version 6.0 in the process.
"Adobe Divides to Conquer." By David Becker. In CNET (April
06, 2003). "Adobe Systems is aiming to make its Acrobat electronic
publishing software a standard business tool with new versions of the
product that target different classes of officer workers.
"Semantic Interpretation for Speech Recognition." Edited by Luc Van
Tichelen (ScanSoft). W3C Working Draft 01-April-2003. Latest version
URL: Updates the WD of
2001-11-16. The document defines the process of Semantic
Interpretation for Speech Recognition and the syntax and semantics of
semantic interpretation tags that can be added to speech recognition
"EPP Internationalized Domain Name Mapping." By Edmon Chung and Henry
Tong (Neteka). IETF Internet Draft. Reference: 'draft-chung-idnop-epp-
idn-00.txt'. April 2003. 22 pages. Describes an Extensible
Provisioning Protocol (EPP) mapping for the provisioning and
management of Internationalized Internet domain names stored in a
shared central repository.
"Extensible Provisioning Protocol." By Scott Hollenbeck (VeriSign
Global Registry Services, VeriSign, Inc). IETF Internet Engineering
Task Force, Internet-Draft. Reference: 'draft-ietf-provreg-
epp-09.txt'. March 11, 2003, expires September 11, 2003. 74 pages. The
document describes specifications for the Extensible Provisioning
Protocol (EPP) version 1.0, an XML text protocol that permits multiple
service providers to perform object provisioning operations using a
shared central object repository.
"Business Process with BPEL4WS: Learning BPEL4WS, Part 6. Correlation,
Fault Handling, and Compensation." By Rania Khalaf and William A. Nagy
(Software Engineers, IBM TJ Watson Research Center). From IBM
developerWorks, Web Services. April 2003. The article covers the
advanced properties of the BPEL4WS language that are essential to the
definition and execution of a business process.
"Grady Booch Polishes His Crystal Ball." By Michael O'Connell and
Grady Booch. From IBM developerWorks. April 3, 2003. Rational
Software's Grady Booch (now IBM) looks at software development's past,
present, and future.
"IBM to Roll Out Raft of Apps, Tools. Big Blue's Developer Conference
Kicks Off Next Week." By Ed Scannell. In InfoWorld (April 04, 2003).
At the developerWorksLive conference IBM will roll out Version 5 of
its WebSphere SDK For Web Services and announce a new alphaWorks
licensing program.
"Document Object Model (DOM) Level 3 XPath Specification Version 1.0."
Edited by Ray Whitmer (Netscape/AOL). W3C Candidate Recommendation 31-
March-2003. Produced as part of the W3C DOM Activity. Latest version
URL: W3C has announced the
advancement of this specification to Candidate Recommendation; the
document provides access to a DOM tree using XPath 1.0.
"Messaging Key to Web Services, CTOs Say. Reliable Messaging
Considered At Least As Important As Security." By Tom Sullivan. In
InfoWorld (April 04, 2003). Although security and orchestration often
garner the most attention, several executives at a CTO forum cited
standards-based messaging as equally important to the success of Web
Interactivity, Personalization Expand the Limits of Print." By Andreas
Weber (DigitaldruckForum). In The Seybold Report Volume 2, Number 24
(March 31, 2003). ISSN: 1533-9211. No longer chasing the elusive 'run
of one,' interactive variable printing is finding its niche' at the
PODi conference in Rome, Personalized Print Markup Language (PPML)
came of age.
"Rights-Expression Language Is Key to Interoperability. [Digital
Rights Management.]" By Bill Rosenblatt (President, GiantSteps Media
Technology Strategies). In The Seybold Report Volume 2, Number 24
(March 31, 2003). ISSN: 1533-9211. Most of the pain points concerning
digital rights are essentially political and cultural; but a few are
technical, such as finding a standard method for describing exactly
what rights are conveyed, for what price and under what restrictions.
"IBM Fortifying XML Query Language. Big Blue Partnering with
Microsoft, Oracle to Boost Spec." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (April
04, 2003). IBM is preparing to advance the XQuery XML query language
on two fronts: by submitting with Microsoft a test suite for industry
consideration and by working with Oracle on a Java API for the
"Database Heavyweights Weigh In On XML Standard." By Lisa Vaas. In
eWEEK (April 04, 2003). A new XQuery test suite from IBM and Microsoft
is considered an important milestone in finalizing a W3C standard for
querying XML data.,3959,1000364,00.asp
"XPath Containment in the Presence of Disjunction, DTDs, and
Variables." By Frank Neven (University of Limburg, Belgium) and Thomas
Schwentick (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Philipps-
Universitšt Marburg). Paper presented at ICDT 2003 (Ninth
International Conference on Database Theory), January 8-10, 2003,
Rettorato dell'Universita' di Siena, Italy. 32 pages (with 25
references). This paper considers the complexity of the containment
problem for various fragments of XPath.
"Automata- and Logic-Based Pattern Languages for Tree-Structured
Data." By Frank Neven (University of Limburg) and Thomas Schwentick
(Philipps-Universitšt Marburg). In Semantics in Databases. Revised
Papers from the Second International Workshop (Dagstuhl Castle,
Germany). Lecture Notes in Computer Science #2582. Edited by L.
Bertossi, G.O.H. Katona, K.-D. Schewe, and B. Thalheim.
Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, 2003. 19 pages (with 31
references). The paper surveys work of the authors on pattern
languages for tree-structured data with XML as the main application in
mind; the main focus is on formalisms from formal language theory and
"Topologi Collaborative Markup Editor Version 1.1.3."
"GNOME Print Backend for PangoPDF."
"Updated Draft Version of GenXML 2.0."
"Schema Unit Test (SUT) Framework for Testing XML Schema."
"New Book on XML Data Management."

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"Sun Continues Web Services Leadership Push With New Products and
Technologies For Java Technology-Based Web Services. New Sun ONE
Integration Server Secure Trading Agent Part of Goal to Bring Best
Security Features in the Industry to Sun's Network Computing Systems."

"Microsoft and BearingPoint Team to Launch Innovative Electronic
Filing Solution to State Courts Nationwide. Solution Uses Microsoft
.NET Software to Ensure Efficient Exchange of Information Among
Attorneys and State Courts."

"OpenLink Software Unleashes Virtuoso 3.0. Virtual Database Integrates
Disparate SQL, XML, and Web Services Data Sources."

"AIIM International Announces XML Standards Initiative for the
Exchange of Document Images and Related Metadata. New Draft Standard
Enables XML Users to Leverage Existing Software Systems and Expertise
to Exchange Images of Documents, Related Indices, and Metadata."

"Adobe Brings Together XML with the Power and Ubiquity of PDF. New XML
Architecture Enables Intelligent Documents to Extend the Value of
Enterprise Systems."

"Internet Streaming Media Alliance (ISMA) Releases Content Protection
Specification for Peer Review. Finalization Expected in June 2003."

Selected references from the events calendar at:

PODS 2003 Conference.  22nd ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD-SIGART Symposium on
Principles of Database Systems. June 9 - 12, 2003.  Town and Country
Hotel, San Diego, California, USA.

The Third ACM+IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL 2003).
May 27 - 31, 2003. Rice University, Houston, TX, USA.

XML Europe 2003 Conference & Exposition. "Powering the Information
Society."  May 5 - 8, 2003.  Hilton London Metropole, London, UK.

RSA Conference 2003.  April 13 - 17, 2003.  Moscone Center, San
Francisco, California, USA.

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