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                        February 25, 2003

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Featured News Stories

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OASIS Technical Committee Addresses Management of Web Services.
A new Web Services Distributed Management Technical Committee is being
formed by OASIS members to define web services management. The scope
includes using web services architecture and technology to manage
distributed resources. It will also develop the model of a web service
as a manageable resource. The WSDM TC will align its activity with
that of the W3C Web Services Architecture Working Group, DMTF, and
other standards groups.

Microsoft Announces Windows Rights Management Services (RMS).
Microsoft has announced a new Windows Rights Management Services (RMS)
technology for Windows Server 2003 that will work with applications to
support a platform-based approach to providing persistent policy
rights for Web content and sensitive corporate documents of all types.
The RMS technology puts persistent protections within documents, using
tested security technologies such as encryption, digital certificates,
and authentication.

Altova Offers Free Software License for Authentic 5 Browser Enabled
XML Document Editor.
Altova Inc. has announced the public availability of Altova's XML
document editor product Authentic 5 under a free software license.
Authentic 5 is a customizable, light-weight, and easy-to-use XML
document editor. It allows business users to create and edit content
through a web-enabled interface that resembles a word processor.
Authentic 5 supports WebDAV and HTTP, with real-time document
validation and multilingual spell checking.

XSL-FO Implementation in the Sun xmlroff XSL Formatter SourceForge
A communique from Eduardo Gutentag describes the release of the Sun
"xmlroff" XSL formatter as a SourceForge project. The xmlroff XSL
Formatter implements the W3C XSL Formatting Objects specification
(XSL-FO) for page layout semantics. It is written in C and currently
produces PDF output using the PDFlib library. xmlroff uses libxml2 and
libxslt plus the GLib, GObject and Pango libraries that underlie GTK+
and GNOME.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"Design XML Schemas Using UML. Translating Business Concepts Into XML
Vocabularies." By Ayesha Malik (Senior Consultant, Object Machines).
From IBM developerWorks, XML zone. February 2003. Discusses the use of
UML in designing XML schemas and gives a hands-on approach for using
the UML framework to create your XML vocabularies.
"UDDI Finds a Role After All." By Keith Rodgers. From (February 20, 2003). UDDI version 3 has moved on
from its B2B origins, adding features designed to meet users' needs
for private registries.
"XACML -- A No-Nonsense Developer's Guide." By Vance McCarthy. In
Enterprise Developer News (February 24, 2003). OASIS has adopted XACML
1.0 as its first cut at an open standard to help developers build
interoperable access controls security for XML documents and end-to-
end transactions.
"Let the Mobile Games Begin, Part 1. A Comparison of the Philosophies,
Approaches, and Features of J2ME and the Upcoming .Net CF. [Wireless
Java.]" By Michael Juntao Yuan. In JavaWorld (February 21, 2003). If
you are in a heterogeneous environment or need a real pervasive
solution that works on low-end devices, J2ME is the hands-down winner
over the younger .Net CF.
"Ixiasoft Boosting XML Content Searching. Link with Microsoft Content
Management Server Offered." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (February 25,
2003). Ixiaosoft is integrating its XML searching capabilities into
Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 and delivering an upgraded
version of the Textml Server content server with WebDAV support.
"A Conversation with Adam Bosworth." By Marshall Kirk McKusick (Queue)
and Adam Bosworth (Chief Architect and Senior Vice President of
Advanced Development, BEA Systems). In ACM Queue (February 2003).
Interview with Adam Bosworth on the future of Web Services.
"An Open Web Services Architecture." By Stans Kleijnen (Vice President
of Market Development Engineering, Sun Microsystems) and Srikanth Raju
(Staff Engineer/Technology Evangelist, Sun/Microsystems). In ACM Queue
(February 2003). The authors discuss Sun Microsystems' take on web
services, specifically Sun ONE, an open, standards-based web services
"Web Services: Promises and Compromises." By Ali Arsanjani, Brent
Hailpern, Joanne Martin, and Peri Tarr (IBM). In ACM Queue (February
2003). Describes the organizational structures that enterprises will
need to support web services integration with legacy applications or
new business processes that span organizational silos.
"The Deliberate Revolution: Transforming Integration With XML Web
Services." By Mike Burner (Microsoft). In ACM Queue (February 2003).
Examines how XML web services differ from existing architectures, and
how they might help build customer solutions.
"Documentum Adds Collaboration Tools." By David Becker. In CNET (February 23, 2003). New eRoom Enterprise product combines
Documentum's content management tools with the eRoom browser-based
collaboration tools.
"Microsoft's Unified App Goals Comes Into View. XML Drives Development
of Tools, InfoPath." By Ed Scannell, Mark Jones, and Paul Krill. In
InfoWorld (February 24, 2003). Through fervent adoption of XML,
Microsoft is edging closer to crystallizing its long-held dream of
building bridges that foster seamless transport of data between its
suite of desktop applications and back-end applications.
"Standards Emerge From Alphabet Soup." By Renee Boucher Ferguson. In
eWEEK (February 24, 2003). A growing selection of languages and
interfaces for BPM software.,3959,901482,00.asp
"Some Rights Reserved: Cyber-Law Activists Devise a Set of Licenses
for Sharing Creative Works. [Staking Claims.]" By Gary Stix. In
Scientific American Volume 288, Number 3 (March 2003). The nonprofit
Creative Commons provides, without charge, a series of licenses that
enable copyrighted works to be shared online without an onerous and
insrusive DRM system, helping ensure that the Internet remains more
than a shopping mall.
"Common Alerting Protocol - Alert Message Data Dictionary." Produced
by the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Technical Working Group. Version
0.7. Draft 2/22/2003. An updated version of the CAP Data Dictionary
incorporating experience from several prototype implementations and
field trials, and insights obtained in discussions among the Working
"Web Services Orchestration: A Review Of Emerging Technologies, Tools,
and Standards." By Chris Peltz (Hewlett Packard, Developer Resource
Organization). Technical Paper from HP Dev Resource Central (January
2003). 20 ages. BPEL4W, WSCI, and BPML are designed to reduce the
complexity required to orchestrate web services, thereby reducing
time-to-market and costs, and increasing the overall efficiency and
accuracy of business processes.
"Exploring XML in Office 11. XML Capabilities in Store for Word and
Excel Pack a Learning Curve." By Jon Udell. In InfoWorld (February 21,
2003). This year's upcoming debut of Microsoft Office 11 will mark the
start of a long process of education and adaptation.
"The .NET Classes StringInfo and TextElementEnumerator. These Two
Members of the System.Globalization Namespace Handle Details of
Unicode String Traversal." By Bill Hall. In MultiLingual Computing and
Technology #54, Volume 14, Issue 2 (March 2003), pages 52-56. .NET
programmers should note that processing a Unicode string by moving
from one Char element to the next may not be a suitable way of
examining text if grapheme boundaries must be respected.
"XACML Standard Controls Web Services Access." By Patricia Daukantas.
In Government Computer News (February 21, 2003). The XACML
specification for access control has been approved as an OASIS Open
"Altio Makes Front-End Integration Smarter." By James R. Borck
(Infoworld Test Center). In InfoWorld (February 21, 2003). Review of
AltioLive 3.0, designed for Web-based applications built on Web
services and data-centric resources.
"XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES)." Edited by Juan Carlos
Cruellas (UPC), Gregor Karlinger (IAIK) Krishna Sankar Cisco). W3C
Note 20-February-2003. Latest version URL: XAdES extends the IETF/W3CXML-Signature
Syntax and Processing specification into the domain of non-repudiation
by defining XML formats for advanced electronic signatures that remain
valid over long periods and are compliant with the European 'Directive
1999/93/EC of the European Parliament'.
"Microsoft Rolls Out Rights Management Software." By Peter Galli and
Mary Jo Foley. In eWEEK (February 21, 2003). Microsoft Corp.has
finally unveiled its plans to integrate digital rights management
technology across its entire product lines.,3959,899762,00.asp
"Microsoft Details Rights Management Tech. Server Add-On Enforces
Protection Policies." By Stacy Cowley and Joris Evers. In InfoWorld
(February 21, 2003).
"Mapping Between UML and XSD." By David Carlson (Ontogenics Corp).
From XMLmodeling News Volume One, Issue Two (January 28, 2003). A
principal advantage of using UML when designing XML vocabularies is
that the model can serve as a specification independent of any
particular schema language implementation.
"WS-Security: New Technologies Help You Make Your Web Services More
Secure." By David Chappell. In Microsoft MSDN Magazine (April 2003).
An overview of WS-Security and related emerging security standards,
explaining what they do, how they work, and how they get along
"Web Map Context Documents." Edited by Jean-Philippe Humblet (IONIC
Software sa). Request for Comment, OpenGIS Implementation
Specification. From Open GIS Consortium Inc. Version 0.1.7,
2003-01-21. Reference number: OGC 03-036. 25 pages. Submitted to the
GIS Consortium Inc. as a Request For Comment (RFC) by: Ionic Software
(Belgium); GeoConnections / Natural Resources Canada; US National
Aeronautics and Space Administration; DM Solutions; Social Change
Online; Syncline. Annex A.1: Web Map Context Document XML Schema; A.2:
Web Map Context XML Example.
"Sun Trumpets Royalty-Free Web Services Specs. Company Challenges
Microsoft, IBM." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (February 20, 2003). Sun
'Chalk Talk' asserts that royalty-free industry specifications are
needed to enable Web services to fulfill its potential as a mechanism
for business process integration on a massive scale.
"Ten Things to Know About XDocs. InfoPath a Huge Step in the Right
Direction. [Strategic Developer.]" By Jon Udell (InfoWorld Test
Center). In InfoWorld (February 19, 2003). Description of InfoPath
based upon Jon Udell's interview with Microsoft's Jean Paoli.
"XP and XML." By Eric van der Vlist. From (February 19, 2003).
On the benefits of combining XML and Extreme Programming.
"An Introduction to the Relaxer Schema Compiler." By Michael
Fitzgerald and Tomoharu ASAMI. From (February 19, 2003).
Relaxer is a Java schema compiler for the XML schema languages RELAX
NG and Relax Core. Using the DOM and other APIs, Relaxer generates
Java classes based on schemas.
"The Pace of Innovation." By Kendall Grant Clark. From
(February 19, 2003). The authors lament the poor state of tool
support, especially XML document editors.
"Trusted Archive Protocol (TAP)." By Carl Wallace (Cygnacom Solutions)
and Santosh Chokhani (Orion Security Solutions). IEFT Internet Draft.
Reference: 'draft-ietf-pkix-tap-00.txt'. February 2003, expires August
2003. Defines a set of transactions for interacting with a Trusted
Archive Authority (TAA) and establishes a means of representing
archived information.
"Identity Systems and Liberty Specification Version 1.1
Interoperability." [Edited by Paul Madsen.] A Liberty Alliance
Technical Whitepaper. February 14, 2003. 15 pages. Document
Description: Liberty and 3rd Party Identity Systems White
Paper-07.doc. Addresses some of the emerging Identity Management
technical approaches and how the Liberty Alliance Project
specifications can co-exist with these other technical approaches;
treats third party authentication systems (.NET Passport, Ping ID, 3-D
Secure, Shibboleth).
"Fear Not -- Web Services Demand Changes." By Eric Newcomer (Iona
Technologies). In ZDNet News (February 19, 2003). Vendors need to
shift focus from selling proprietary products with a 'standards
compliant' label on them to focus instead on cooperating to create a
larger market based on truly standardized products.
"Thinking XML: Universal Business Language (UBL). Examining What May
Be The Crown Jewel of XML Business Formats." By Uche Ogbuji (Principal
Consultant, Fourthought, Inc). From IBM developerWorks, XML zone.
February 2003. The initial UBL release comes as a 5.6 MB ZIP file, and
covers what are likely the most common business forms, and perhaps the
most often rendered as XML documents: the trading cycle from order
through invoice between buyer and seller.
"Another Way to Web-Enable Your Legacy Apps." By David Berlind. In
ZDNet Tech Update (February 18, 2003). Tarantella's TE3 can take most
legacy terminal emulation and display protocols, Remote Desktop
Protocol (RDP) for Windows Terminal Server, and any Java-wrapped
application, and resolve them to one display protocol for shipment to
a Java-enabled Web browser.,14179,2911091,00.html

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"Cape Clear Software Ships New Release of Free Web Services Editor."
"UML 2.0 Vote Highlights Upcoming OMG Standards Meeting. Orlando, FL,
USA, March 24-28, 2003."
"Adobe Ships Updated Form Solution for Speeding Data Capture
Processes. Enterprise Form Solution Brings Together XML, HTML and PDF
for Moving Forms Processes Online with Improved Accuracy and Better
Integration with Backend Systems."
"Documentum Delivers eRoom Enterprise. Best-in-Class Collaboration
Technology Fully Integrated with Leading Enterprise Content Management
"Microsoft Announces Windows Rights Management Services For Windows
Server 2003. Rights Management Solution Will Give Organizations and
Employees New Ways To Protect Information."
"OGC Seeks Comment on Proposed Web Map Context Specification."

Selected references from the events calendar at:

First German Topic Maps Congress.  "XML Topic Maps."  April 10, 2003.
Darmstadt, Germany.

First Asian FIX Conference. "The Life Cycle of a Trade: Achieving a
Seamless Front to Back Process Utilising FIX and STP."  March 20,
2003. Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong.

LISA 45th International Conference.  LISA Global Strategies Summit
USA. "Understanding Customer Requirements."  March 3 - 6, 2003.
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Foster City, California, USA.

XML Web Services One 2003.  March 3 - 6, 2003.  Santa Clara Marriott,
Santa Clara, CA, USA.

BEA eWorld 2003 - Converge.  March 2 - 5, 2003.  Gaylord Palms Resort
and Convention Center, Orlando, FL, USA.

Berkeley DRM Conference.  February 27 - March 01, 2003.  The Bancroft
Hotel, Bancroft Avenue, Berkeley, CA, USA.

W3C XForms Working Group Implementation Workshop.  February 27 - 28,
2003. Novell Office, Waltham, MA, USA.

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