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                        February 04, 2003

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Featured News Stories

Recently featured news stories from the Cover Pages news at:  OR

W3C Announces Creation of a New XForms Activity.
A new XForms Activity has been created as part of the W3C Interaction
Domain. This Activity currently hosts a single Working Group, and
focuses on the development of W3C specifications for the next
generation of Web forms. More flexible than previous HTML and XHTML
form technologies, W3C XForms separate purpose, presentation, and
data. The WG is producing advanced forms logic, improved
internationalization, and rich user interface capabilities.

ISO Working Group Publishes Committee Draft for DSDL Standard, Part 4.
An ISO Committee Draft for "Document Schema Definition Languages
(DSDL) -- Part 4: Selection of Validation Candidates" has been
released by the editor of the ISO DSDL Project. DSDL VCSL is an XML-
based language for controlling selection of validation candidates.
DSDL allows specific parts of an XML document to be extracted and then
validated; different schema languages and validators may be applied to
these different candidates.

OGC Working Group Issues Draft Specification for Sensor Model Language
The Open GIS Consortium Natural Resources and Environment (NRE)
Working Group has released a draft specification on "Sensor Model
Language (SensorML) for In-Situ and Remote Sensors", together with XML
Schemas. SensorML provides an XML schema for defining the geometric,
dynamic, and observational characteristics of a sensor; it supports
cross-communication within a SensorWeb among aircraft, UAVs,
satellites, and ground-based sensors.

WS-I Publishes Supply Chain Management Candidate Review Drafts.
WS-I has released three Candidate Review Draft documents which model a
simple supply chain management application. They serve to demonstrate
all of the scenarios in the WS-I Basic Profile 1.0 and how a Web
services application might be designed, implemented and deployed to
conform to the Basic Profile. Drafts include "Sample Application
Supply Chain Management Architecture", "Supply Chain Management Use
Case Model", and "WS-I Usage Scenarios."

W3C Advances VoiceXML Version 2.0 to Candidate Recommendation Status.
W3C's "Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) Version 2.0" has
been released as a Candidate Recommendation, together with an explicit
call for implementation. VoiceXML supports interactive voice response
applications. It is is designed for creating audio dialogs that
feature synthesized speech, digitized audio, recognition of spoken and
DTMF key input, recording of spoken input, telephony, and mixed
initiative conversations.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"UBL Set to Shake Up Electronic Commerce." By John Taschek (eWEEK Labs
Director) and Jon Bosak (Sun Microsystems). In eWEEK (February 04,
2003). Jon Bosak discusses UBL and the draft XML schemas for
electronic trade.,3959,864778,00.asp
"What's New in UDDI 3.0 - Part 2." By Frank Sommers. From
WebServices.Org. February 03, 2003. Overview of the UDDI v3 public
API, including the Subscription API set.
"Comparing Style Sheet Languages." By Hakon Wium Lie. With
contributions from Bert Bos, Christopher R. Maden, Paul Grosso, Arved
Sandstrom, and Vincent Quint. Posted 2003-02-04 to the DSSSL List
( Sample code for a list of
challenges put to CSS, FOSI, DSSSL, XSL, P93, and PSL.
"Business Processes and Workflow in the Web Services World. A Workflow
is Only As Good As the Business Process Underneath It." By Margie
Virdell (e-business Architect, IBM Developer Relations). From IBM
developerWorks, Web services. January 2003.
"IBM Unveils Xperanto Data Integration Technology. Two Products Set
for Beta Release." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (February 04, 2003).
"IBM Releases Xperanto Beta." By Lisa Vaas. In eWEEK (February 04,
2003). Release of DB2 Information Integrator and DB2 Information
Integrator for Content.,3959,864019,00.asp
"Internaut: How Agencies Could Use XML to Ensure Integrity of Data."
By Shawn P. McCarthy. In Government Computer News Volume 22, Number 2
(January 27, 2003). Another irony: data normalization in the age of
Web Services.
"Sun to Standardize Web Services in J2EE 1.4. Next Version Supports
WS-I's Basic Profile Specification." By James Niccolai. In InfoWorld
(February 04, 2003).
"Java Specification Waits for Web Services." By Martin LaMonica. In
CNET (February 04, 2003). J2EE 1.4 to comply with WS-I
interoperability guidelines.
"XForms for Managing Forms-Based Data." By Anthony Tomasic. In XML &
Web Services Magazine Volume 3, Number 7 (December 2002/January 2003),
pages 24-27.
"Localization Made Easy." By Claude Duguay. In XML & Web Services
Magazine Volume 3, Number 7 (December 2002/January 2003), pages 35-38.
"Speaking XML." By Adam Bosworth (Vice President, Engineering, BEA
Systems Inc). In XML & Web Services Magazine Volume 3, Number 7
(December 2002/January 2003), page 40.
"Web Service Versioning and Deprecation. An Easy-to-implement Strategy
for Success." By Jeff Kenyon (Qwest). In WebServices Journal Volume 3,
Issue 2 (February 2003), pages 18-24.
"On the Road to Web Service-Level Management. Critical Components in
the Creation of Self-Managing Computer Resoruces." By Mark Potts
(Talking Blocks), Kevin Ruthen (IBM), and Heather Kreger (IBM). In
WebServices Journal Volume 3, Issue 2 (February 2003), pages 26-31.
"A Publish/Subscribe Mechanism for Web Services. Extending an Existing
Event Broker." By Dmitri Tcherevik (Office of the CTO, Computer
Associates). In WebServices Journal Volume 3, Issue 2 (February 2003),
pages 10-15.
"Actional SOAPstation. Finding Order and Scale in Complexity." By Joe
Mitchko. In WebServices Journal Volume 3, Issue 2 (February 2003),
page 16.
"Web Ontology Language (OWL) Abstract Syntax and Semantics." Edited by
Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Bell Labs Research, Lucent Technologies),
Patrick Hayes (IHMC, University of West Florida), and Ian Horrocks
(Department of Computer Science, University of Manchester). W3C
Working Draft 3-February-2003.
"Let the Building Begin." By Patricia Daukantas. In Government
Computer News (GCN) Volume 22, Number 2 (January 27, 2003). On the use
of XML specifications in US government agencies.
"IBM Retools Software for Utility Push." By Martin LaMonica. In CNET (February 03, 2003).
"XML Pipelining with Ant." By Michael Fitzgerald. From January
29, 2003. Mike Fitzgerald on using the Ant build tool for pipelined
XML processing.
"Databases and Element Names." By John E. Simpson. From
January 29, 2003. Questions on escaping XML markup and on numeric
"XML Forms, Web Services, and Apache Cocoon." By Ivelin Ivanov. From January 29, 2003. Introduces Cocoon's XMLForms features, which
allow a model-view-controller paradigm for web applications.
"IBM WebSphere Upgrade Looks Beyond J2EE. Big Blue Exec Cites
Shortcomings in Java." By James Niccolai. In InfoWorld (January 30,
"WS-I Modifies Its Basic Profile." By Darryl Taft. In eWEEK (January
31, 2003).,3959,854312,00.asp
"An XML Format for Mail and Other Messages." By Graham Klyne (Nine by
Nine). IETF Network Working Group, Internet Draft. Reference: 'draft-
klyne-message-xml-00.txt'. 20-January-2003, expires July 2003. Five
appendices present the DTDs and schemas.
"WS-I Publishes Draft Guidance Documentation." By Stacy Cowley. In
Network World (January 30, 2003). Candidate Review Draft documents
demonstrate scenarios in the WS-I Basic Profile 1.0.
"X+V 1.1 -- XHTML+Voice. A Multimodal Markup Language." By Jonny
Axelsson (Opera Software), Chris Cross (IBM), Håkon W. Lie (Opera
Software), Gerald McCobb (IBM), T. V. Raman (IBM), and Les Wilson
(IBM). From IBM developerWorks, XML zone. January 2003. XHTML+Voice
Profile 1.1 referenced is 49 pages (PDF).
"The MIME application/vnd.cip4-jdf+xml Content-Type." By Tom Hastings
(Xerox Corporation) and Ira McDonald (High North Inc). IETF Internet
Draft. Reference: 'draft-mcdonald-cip4-jdf-mime-00.txt'. 25-
January-2003, expires 25-July-2003. Two new MIME sub-types to support
CIP Job Definition Format (JDF) and CIP4 Job Messaging Format (JMF).
"XML Watch: Have Data, Will Travel. Using SyncML to Mobilize Your
Data." By Edd Dumbill (Editor and publisher, From IBM
developerWorks, XML zone. January 2003.
"XML in Java Data binding, Part 2: Performance. After kicking the
tires in Part 1, take data binding frameworks out for a test drive."
By Dennis M. Sosnoski (President, Sosnoski Software Solutions, Inc).
From IBM developerWorks, XML zone. January 2003.
"Tip: SAX and document order. Tracking parent-child relationships.
Indices help in building applications that need to navigate through
XML trees." By Howard Katz (Proprietor, Fatdog Software). From IBM
developerWorks, XML zone. January 2003.
"WS-I Members Take Stand Against 'Big-Name Bias'." By Gavin Clarke
[ComputerWire]. In The Register (January 29, 2003). SOAP attachments
as part of the WS-I Basic Profile Version 1.0.
"Dispute Could Silence VoiceXML." By Paul Festa. In ZDNet News
(January 29, 2003). W3C issues VoiceXML 2.0 as a Candidate
"KaVaDo Secures Web Services. Security Software Bundle Protects at the
Application Layer." By Logan G. Harbaugh. In InfoWorld (January 24,
2003). Security product suite monitors HTTP, SOAP, WSDL, and WebDAV
"Adobe Ramps Up Documents." By John Taschek. In eWEEK (January 27,
2003). Review of Adobe's Document Server.,3959,847136,00.asp
"Public Review for UDDI Specification Version 2."
"Modular Namespaces (MNS) Language Supports Validation from Multiple
Independent Namespaces."
"VoiceXML Users Group Spring Meeting 2003."

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"Sun Microsystems Drives Industry Towards Web Services
Interoperability With Major Enhancements to Java Platform. Drives
Innovation with Implementation of WS-I Specification Support in Java 2
Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Version 1.4."
"IBM Simplifies Management and Integration of Business Information
With New Software. First-of-Its-Kind Data Management Product Enables
Businesses to Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs."
"OpenEAI Project Web Site, Software, and Documentation Available."
"OGC Demonstrates the Future of Interoperable Web Services."
"Fourteen Software Products Certified eBusinessReady for ebXML
Messaging Interoperability. Interoperability Certified Software
Facilitates Implementation and Saves Costs."
"Global eXchange Services Offers Entry-Level Internet Trading Package
for Suppliers to the High-Tech Industry. GXS's Solution for RosettaNet
Basics Enables Mid-Tier Companies to Integrate RosettaNet XML
Transactions Affordably with Their Back-Office Systems and Key
"World Wide Web Consortium Issues VoiceXML 2.0 as a W3C Candidate
Recommendation. Cornerstone to the W3C Speech Interface Framework is
Ready for Implementors."

Selected references from the events calendar at:

VoiceXML Users Group Spring Meeting 2003. March 31 - April 03, 2003.
Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, California, USA.

19th International Conference on Data Engineering. ICDE 2003. 
March 5 - 8, 2003.  Bangalore, India.

LISA 45th International Conference. LISA Global Strategies Summit USA.
"Understanding Customer Requirements."  March 3 - 6, 2003.  Crowne
Plaza Hotel, Foster City, California, USA.

BEA eWorld 2003 - Converge.  March 2 - 5, 2003.  Gaylord Palms Resort
and Convention Center, Orlando, FL, USA.

Berkeley DRM Conference.  February 27 - March 01, 2003.  The Bancroft
Hotel, Bancroft Avenue, Berkeley, CA, USA.

XML for Financial Services. "Maximizing Interoperability, Efficiency &
Cost Savings Through Integrated XML-Based Web Services." Feb 27 - 28,
2003.  Doubletree Guest Suites, New York City, NY, USA.

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