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                        January 21, 2003

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Featured News Stories

Recently featured news stories from the Cover Pages news at:  OR

IFX Specification Version 1.4 Supports ATM, POS and Other Financial
The IFX Forum has released version 1.4.0 of the "Interactive Financial
Exchange Business Message Specification," incorporating new features
to support ATM, POS and other financial channels. IFX is a mature XML-
based financial messaging protocol based on an open architecture that
supports extensibility, efficiency, and interoperability. IFX defines
a messaging standard for interoperability between ATM/POS terminals
and authorizing systems.

SMS Forum Releases Review Draft for the Mobile Message Access Protocol
Specification (MMAP).
A communique from Kieran Dolan announces a review draft of the "Mobile
Message Access Protocol Specification (MMAP)," produced by the SMS
Forum XML Protocol Group. The MMAP SOAP protocol provides a framework
for web application access to mobile messaging services. It defines
session-oriented communication with support for service identification
and billing; it provides a mechanism for 'one-shot' requests or more
complex peer sessions.

Sun ONE Identity Server 6.0 Supports Liberty Alliance and SAML
Sun Microsystems is now shipping the Sun ONE Identity Server 6.0,
described as the industry's first open-standards based network
identity solution. Core services include access management, identity
administration, federated authentication, and service management. The
Sun ONE Identity Server supports the ability to federate identities,
via either SAML or the Liberty Specification, both internal and
external to the organization's firewall.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"What's New with Smart Tags in Office 11." By Chris Kunicki. From
Microsoft MSDN Library. January 20, 2003.
"IBM Brings Domino and WebSphere Closer Together." By Dennis
Callaghan. In eWEEK (January 20, 2003).,3959,835041,00.asp
"Real Releases Digital Media Source Code." From Reuters. January 21,
2003. [Open Source.]
"Thinking XML: The Open Office File Format. An XML Format for Front
Office Documents." By Uche Ogbuji (Principal Consultant, Fourthought,
Inc). From IBM developerWorks, XML zone. January 2003.
"Requirements for XML Schema 1.1." Edited by Charles Campbell, Ashok
Malhotra (Microsoft), and Priscilla Walmsley. W3C Working Draft
21-January-2003. Latest version URL:
"IBM Aims to Get Smart About AI." By Michael Kanellos. In CNET (January 21, 2003).
"Architecting Knowledge Middleware." By Alfred Z. Spector (Vice
President, Services and Software, IBM Research Division). Keynote
Address delivered May 9, 2002 at WWW 2002, The Eleventh International
World Wide Web Conference (Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii,
USA, 7-11 May 2002). Abstract. 40 pages, with discussion of
Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) on pages
"Web Spec Searches For Small Businesses." By Alorie Gilbert. In ZDNet
News (January 15, 2003).
"SMBmeta Specification Version 0.1 Proposal. [SMBmeta Specification.]"
By [Dan Bricklin]. Posted on the website. Version 0.1.
January 8, 2003. By Interland, Inc., licensed under the Creative
Commons Attribution License.
"Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Plug-and-Play PKI for Web
Services." By Anders Rundgren (X-OBI AB, Sweden). IETF PKIX Working
Group, Internet Draft. Reference: 'draft-rundgren-pkix-
pnppki4ws-00.txt'. January 2003, expires July 2003.
"Plug-and-Play-Enabled PKI for Web Services. A Rationale for an IETF-
PKIX Draft Effort." By Anders Rundgren (X-OBI). Version 0.47. 10-
"XMPP Core." By Jeremie Miller and Peter Saint-Andre (Jabber Software
Foundation). IETF Network Working Group, Internet-Draft. Reference:
'draft-ietf-xmpp-core-01'. January 17, 2003, expires July 18, 2003.
Formal definitions (namespaces, DTDs, Schemas) in Appendix B. 23
"Carrying TCAP in SIP Messages (SIP-TCAP)." By Frank W. Miller, Shan
Lu, Priya Gupta, and Akif Arsoy (sentitO Networks). Internet
Engineering Task Force, Internet Draft. Reference: 'draft-miller-sip-
tcap-00'. January 8, 2003.
"Microsoft: The Power of High-Fidelity XML." By Steve Gillmor and Mark
Lucovsky (Miscoroft). In InfoWorld (January 17, 2003).
"First Look at Office 11: XML Hits the Mainstream Desktop. [Is Word
Your Next XML Editor?]" By Mark Walter. In The Seybold Report Volume
2, Number 19 (January 13, 2003). ISSN: 1533-9211. In-depth review of
Word 11.
"XML Conversion Software Gathers Momentum. New Tools Tackle Old
Problem." By George Alexander. In The Seybold Report Volume 2, Number
19 (January 13, 2003). ISSN: 1533-9211. Review of Exegenix Conversion
System (ECS), NAPS Translation System (NTS), Infinity-Loop upCast
package, CambridgeDocs.
"From Model to Markup: XML Representation of Product Data." By Joshua
Lubell (US National Institute of Standards and Technology,
Manufacturing Systems Integration Division). Paper presented December
2002 at the XML 2002 Conference, Baltimore, MD, USA. With Appendix
(Complete PDM Example with EXPRESS Schema, RELAX NG Schema [Compact
Syntax], RELAX NG Schema [XML Syntax], W3C XML Schema, Flat XML Data,
Hierarchical XML Data).
"Beefing Up the Meaning Of XML." By Tony Kontzer. In InformationWeek
(January 16, 2003).
"Transforming XML Schemas." By Eric Gropp. From January 15,
"Creative Comments: On the Uses and Abuses of Markup." By Kendall
Grant Clark. From January 15, 2003.
"Securing Web Services." By Rich Salz. From January 15, 2003.
"IBM Preparing Xperanto Deliverables." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld
(January 16, 2003).
"Driving ODBC, JDBC Drivers to XML Web Services." By Vance McCarthy.
In Enterprise Developer News (January 13, 2003).
"Sun Readying J2EE 1.4." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (January 15,
"Dancing Around Web Services." By Paul Festa. In CNET
(January 16, 2003).
"OSCON 2003 Call For Participation."
"Extreme Markup Languages 2003 Call for Participation."
"Prototype for One-to-Many Links Using HTML."
" XML File Format Specification in RELAX NG, RELAX NG
Compact, and W3C XML Schema Notation."

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"Wattle Software Announces the Release of XMLwriter 2.0."
"PayCircle Publishes Reference Implementation for PayCircle's WSDL
Payment Specification 1.0. Implementation Includes Sample Payment
System and Demo Clients."
"The Interactive Financial Exchange (IFX) Forum Releases for Public
Review Version 1.4 of its Specification."
"The Open Applications Group Joins International Standards Alliance.
OAGI Collaborates With IEC, ISO, ITU, and UN/ECE in Effort to
Harmonize Worldwide eBusiness Standards."
"XML Global Introduces Security and Reliability for e-Business Web
Services. GoXML Messaging leverages ebXML technologies to provide
advanced reliability and security features for Web services

Selected references from the events calendar at:

Software Development 2003 East.  September 15 - 19, 2003.  Sheraton
Boston, Boston, MA, USA.

Extreme Markup Languages 2003. August 4 - 8, 2003.  Hilton Hotel,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

O'Reilly Open Source Software Convention (OSCON) 2003.  "Extend and
Embrace."  July 7 - 11, 2003.  Portland Marriot Downtown, Portland,
Oregon, USA.

Open Publish 2003.  June 23 - 25, 2003, Sheraton Society Hill Hotel,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

XML Web Services One 2003.  March 3 - 6, 2003.  Santa Clara Marriott,
Santa Clara, CA, USA.

"TDWI World Conference Winter 2003.  February 9 - 14, 2003.  New
Orleans Marriott, New Orleans, LA, USA.

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