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                        October 22, 2002

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Featured News Stories

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Enhanced Adobe Document Servers Support XML-Based Workflow and Digital
Signature Facilities.
Adobe Systems has announced a new server product line. Adobe Document
Server automates the production of complex Adobe PDF documents by
assembling XML data with professionally formatted templates,
incorporating rich visual content. Adobe Document Server for Reader
Extensions enables Acrobat Reader 5.1 users to comment form fields
under security rules and to digitally sign legal documents for
validation by Public Key Infrastructure systems.

EAN.UCC Global Data Dictionary (GDD) Supports Standards Development
The EAN.UCC Global Data Dictionary (GDD) was recently announced by EAN
International and the Uniform Code Council (UCC) as a new tool
providing a common framework for global standards development. The GDD
is a relational database of names, terms, and definitions that support
the standards of the EAN.UCC System. The GDD also supports cross-
reference to external standards organization entities, including
ebXML, X12, and EANCOM.

Web Services Interoperability Organization Publishes Basic Profile
Version 1.0.
The Web Services Interoperability Organization has released a working
group draft for 'Basic Profile Version 1.0'. Produced by the Basic
Profile Working Group, the document defines the WS-I Basic Profile,
consisting of a set of non-proprietary Web services specifications,
along with clarifications to those specifications which promote
interoperability. The Basic Profile components include Messaging,
Description, Discovery, and Security.

ComCARE Alliance Publishes XML-Based Emergency Incident Data Set
An announcement from the ComCARE Alliance reports on the completion of
a recommended data set for electronic emergency incident data. The
project website references the XML Schema and supporting
documentation. The data set is designed to enable the electronic flow
of emergency information from telematics service providers to multiple
public safety agencies, hospitals, transportation agencies, and EMTs
dispatched to the incident scene.

International Press Telecommunications Council Approves NewsML Version
1.1 Specification.
The NewsML Version 1.1 specification has been approved by the
International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC). NewsML is an
XML encoding for news which is intended to be used for the creation,
transfer, and delivery of news. The V1.1 XML DTD and XML Schema are
available on the project website. IPTC has also published an updated
V1.1 'NewsML Functional Specification' and 'IPTC NewsML NewsAgency
Implementation Guidelines' document.

IBM alphaWorks Releases WSDL Explorer Web Application.
IBM alphaWorks has released an online and standalone Web Services
Description Language (WSDL) Explorer tool to assist in analyzing
candidate web services. The WSDL Explorer displays WSDL files,
generates views of operations, allows invocation of operations, and
allows viewing of sample message flow. It enables users to
compare/contrast Web services without needing to importing them into a
heavy development tool.
OASIS Members Propose Digital Signature Services Technical Committee.
OASIS members have proposed a new Digital Signature Services Technical
Committee to develop techniques to support the processing of digital
signatures. According to the proposal, the DSS technical committee
will define an interface for requesting that a web service produce
and/or verify a digital signature on a given piece of data and
techniques for proving that a signature was created within its private
key validity period.

W3C Publishes Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.1 as a Candidate
W3C has released 'Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.1' as a
Candidate Recommendation. The specification addresses Unicode, control
character, and line ending issues. XML 1.1 names are designed so that
everything that is not forbidden (for a specific reason) is permitted.
Interoperable implementations for XML 1.1 are being sought within the
developer community, and the XML Core Working Group invites public
comment on the draft.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"IBM alphaWorks Releases Web Services Outsourcing Manager (WSOM)."
"The XPointer xpath1() Scheme." By Simon St.Laurent (O'Reilly &
Associates). IETF Network Working Group, Internet-Draft. Reference:
'draft-stlaurent-xpath-frag-00.txt'. October 20, 2002, expires April
20, 2003. Also in HTML format.
"Understanding WS-Security." By Scott Seely (Microsoft Corporation).
From MSDN Library. October 2002.
"XML-Packed Office 11 Goes Into Beta." By Matt Berger. In
News (October 22, 2002).
"Microsoft Unleashes Office 11 On Beta Testers." By Ed Scannell.
In InfoWorld (October 22, 2002).
"ECDSA with XML-Signature Syntax." IETF Internet Draft. By Simon
Blake-Wilson (BCI), Gregor Karlinger (Chief Information Office
Austria), and Yongge Wang (University of North Carolina at Charlotte).
"Tip: Use a SAX Filter to Manipulate Data. Change the Events Output by
a SAX Stream." By Nicholas Chase (President, Chase and Chase, Inc).
From IBM developerWorks, XML Zone. October 2002.
"MusicXML in Practice: Issues in Translation and Analysis." By Michael
Good (Recordare LLC). Originally published as pages 47-54 in
Proceedings of the First International Conference MAX 2002: Musical
Application Using XML (Milan, September 19-20, 2002).
"Digital Photo Print Standard Progresses." By David Becker. In CNET (October 21, 2002).
"Tools Help to Ease Web Services Development." By Darryl K. Taft.
In eWEEK (October 21, 2002).,3959,642980,00.asp
"Progress Buys XML Toolmaker eXcelon." By Scarlet Pruitt. In InfoWorld
(October 21, 2002).
"Price Modeling in Standards for Electronic Product Catalogs Based on
XML." By Oliver Kelkar (Fraunhofer IAO, Germany), Joerg Leukel
(Universiy of Essen, Germany), and Volker Schmitz (Universiy of Essen,
Germany). Pages 366-375 in Proceedings of the 11th International World
Wide Web Conference (WWW 2002), May 7-11, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
"A Modeling Approach for Product Classification Systems." By Joerg
Leukel, Volker Schmitz, and Frank-Dieter Dorloff (Department of
Information Systems, University of Essen, Germany). Pages 868-874 in
Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Electronic
Business Hubs: XML, Metadata, Ontologies, and Business Knowledge on
the Web (WEBH 2002 / DEXA 2002), September 2-6, 2002, Aix-en-Provence,
"Modeling and Exchange of Product Classification Systems Using XML."
By Joerg Leukel, Volker Schmitz, and Frank-Dieter Dorloff (Department
of Information Systems, University of Essen, Germany). In Proceedings
of the Fourth IEEE International Workshop on Advanced Issues of E-
Commerce and Web-Based Information Systems (WECWIS 2002) (June 26 -
28, 2002; Newport Beach, California).
"First Look at the WS-I Basic Profile 1.0. Features of the Profile."
By Chris Ferris (Sr. Software Engineer, IBM). From IBM developerWorks,
Web services. October 2002.
"What is XQuery?" By Per Bothner. From (October 16, 2002).
"Beep BEEP!" By Rich Salz. From (October 16, 2002).
"A Tour of 4Suite." By Uche Ogbuji. From (October 16, 2002).
"The Digital Talking Book." By Ken Pittman. From (October 16,
"Do Web Standards and Patents Mix?" By David Clark. In IEEE Computer
Volume 35, Number 10 (October 2002), pages 19-22.
IPTC NewsML NewsAgency Implementation Guidelines. From IPTC
(International Press Telecommunications Council; Comite International
des Telecommunications de Presse). Edited/Compiled by David Allen,
Managing Director, IPTC. 32 pages. Version 1.1. October 2002.
"Yes, You Can Secure Your Web Services Documents, Part 2. XML
Signature Ensures Your XML Documents' Integrity." By Ray Djajadinata.
In Java World (October 11, 2002).
"Finessing PKI. [Web Services Development.]" By Jon Udell. In
InfoWorld (October 17, 2002).
"Thinking XML: Shedding Light on PRISM. A Standard Metadata Vocabulary
for Publishing." By Uche Ogbuji (Principal Consultant, Fourthought,
Inc). From IBM developerWorks, XML zone. October 2002.
"PRISM: Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata." By
IDEAlliance and the PRISM Working Group. Specification Version 1.2
(e). First Public Draft. September 4, 2002. 95 pages.
"XML Schema for Media Control." By Orit Levin (RADVISION), Sean Olson
(Microsoft Corporation), and Roni Even (Polycom). IETF Internet Draft.
Reference: 'draft-levin-mmusic-xml-media-control-00.txt'. October
2002, expires April 2003.
"WS-I to Expand Its Board." By Stephen Lawson. In InfoWorld (October
17, 2002).
"Overview of the 2002 IAB Network Management Workshop." By Juergen
Schoenwaelder (University of Osnabrueck). IAB Internet-Draft. October
09, 2002. Reference: 'draft-iab-nm-workshop-00.txt'.
"Weekly Review: Microsoft Faces Web Services Threat." By Phil
Wainewright. In (October 14, 2002).,2350,4431_1481991,00.html
"VoiceXML, CCXML, and SALT." By Ian Moraes. In XML Journal, Volume 3,
Issue 9 (September 2002), pages 30-34.
"Introducing Topic Maps. A Powerful, Subject-Oriented Approach to
Structuring Sets of Information." By Kal Ahmed (Techquila). In XML
Journal Volume 03, Issue 10 (October 2002).
"Combining the Power of XQuery and XSLT. Toward Fulfilling the Promise
of XML." By Jim Gan (Ipedo). In XML Journal Volume 03, Issue 10
(October 2002). With 5 figures.
"XML and the Semantic Web. It's Time to Stop Squabbling -- They're Not
Incompatible." By Jim Hendler and Bijan Parsia (University of
Maryland). In XML Journal Volume 03, Issue 10 (October 2002).
"Managing Juniper Networks' Routers Using XML. An XNM-Based RPC
Mechanism." By Mark Ethan Trostler (Juniper Networks). In XML Journal
Volume 03, Issue 10 (October 2002). With 6 figures.
"IBM Standardizing Workflow Capabilities in WebSphere." By John
Fontana. In Network World (October 16, 2002).
"IBM to Flood Websphere 5.0 With Workflow." By Carolyn A. April.
In InfoWorld (October 16, 2002).
"Web Services Get Down and Dirty." By [ComputerWire Staff]. In The
Register (October 16, 2002).
"IBM Working on Advanced Data Integration, Grid Computing." By Paul
Krill. In InfoWorld (October 16, 2002).

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"Microsoft Releases First Beta of 'Office 11'. Next Version of Office
to Connect People, Information and Business Processes."
"Adobe Unveils New Document Server For Dynamically Generating Adobe
PDF Files. Automated Adobe PDF Document Production Helps Increase
Efficiencies and Reduce Costs."
"PolarLake Announces the Release of Polarlake Database Integrator: An
Enterprise Solution for XML-to-Database Integration."
"WS-I Community Approves Board Expansion. 150+ Member Community Votes
to Add Two Elected Board Seats. Nominations Set for January 2003."
"Leading Integrators and Major Newspapers Adopt Adobe InDesign and
InCopy to Improve Publishing Workflows. Newspapers and Publishers
Leverage Support for XML to Speed Production in North America, Europe,
Australasia, and Africa."
"Comcare Member Working Group Announces Draft Vehicular Emergency
Incident Data Set."
"Systinet Announces Wasp 4.0 OEM Edition, Designed for Independent
Software Vendors and OEMs. Mercator, Interwoven among OEM clients to
adopt Systinet WASP technology. Company expects OEMs to lead rapid
adoption through 2003."
".NET MySingapore Announces New Partners to Bring XML Web Services
Closer to Singaporeans."
"STEEL24-7 Facilitates Online Steel Business with ebXML Messaging
Based on the webMethods Integration Platform. Electronic Business XML
Standard Enables Steel Buyers and Suppliers to Better Link Systems."
"Digital Signature Services Technical Committee Proposed"

XML Europe 2003 Conference and Exposition "Powering the
Information Society."  May 5 - 8, 2003.  Hilton London Metropole,
London, UK.
Diffuse Final Conference.  "Convergence of Web Services, Grid Services
and the Semantic Web for Delivering e-Services?"  December 12, 2002.
European Commission Conference Centre Borschette, Brussels, Belgium.
New York Associated Topics Seminar. "Building, Aggregating and
Navigating Information Systems with Topic Maps."  November 18, 2002.
One Penn Plaza Center, New York, NY, USA.
International Federated Conferences (DOA, ODBASE, CoopIS). "On the
Move to Meaningful Internet Systems and Ubiquitous Computing" 2002.
October 28 - November 1, 2002.  University of California, Irvine, USA.
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