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                         October 08, 2002
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Featured News Stories

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Entrust Announces New Secure Transaction Platform and Proposed
Security Standards.
Entrust has outlined a comprehensive vision and product delivery
roadmap for web services security, to be offered through the Entrust
Secure Transaction Platform. Entrust also announced that it has
submitted a set of related security standards proposals for Web
services to OASIS. These standards proposals specify open, XML
protocols for digital signature and timestamping services operating in
a Web services context.

Exchangable Faceted Metadata Language (XFML) Version 1.0.
A communique from Peter Van Dijck announces the version 1.0 release of
the 'XFML Core - eXchangeable Faceted Metadata Language'
specification. XFML Core is an open XML format for publishing and
sharing hierarchical faceted metadata and indexing efforts. XFML is a
model to express topics, organised in hierarchies or trees within
mutually exclusive containers called facets. XFML lets you build
connections between different XFML maps.

HR-XML Consortium Announces Employee Stock Plan Interface Standard.
An 'Employee Stock Plans Interface 1.0' specification produced by the
HR-XML Consortium Employee Share Plans Workgroup has been approved as
an HR-XML Recommendation. The specification defines standard, vendor-
neutral data definitions for the transfer of stock plan data. The
Version 1.0 release includes ten XML schemas as well as a primary
prose document. The initial release supports the administration of
stock option programs.

NTT Communications Launches Asia's First UDDI Registry.
NTT Communications Corporation has announced the launch of Asia's
first UDDI Business Registry based on the Universal Description,
Discovery and Integration (UDDI) V2 specifications. NTT Com joined the
UDDI Operators Council in December 2001, and now participates with
IBM, Microsoft, and SAP in providing an open public registry with a
standard access method for companies to register services and to
search for business partners' services.

W3C Specifications for XML Encryption Released as Proposed
The W3C XML Encryption Working Group has released Proposed
Recommendation specifications for 'XML Encryption Syntax and
Processing' and 'Decryption Transform for XML Signature'. The XML
Encryption Activity was chartered to specify XML encryption syntax and
processing for encrypting XML in whole or part (e.g., single XML
elements); encryption is needed by applications to exchange sensitive
information, such as payment and purchase orders.

New Website for Layered Markup and Annotation Language (LMNL).
Jeni Tennison has announced an online collection of resources for the
Layered Markup and Annotation Language (LMNL), first introduced
Extreme Markup 2002. The LMNL layered data model is based on the Core
Range Algebra investigated by Gavin Nichol. LMNL addresses problems of
multiple document hierarchies and annotating existing tree structures
with type information. A LMNL document consists of one or more layers
which contain ranges.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"SAP Reports Successful Use of UDDI Version 2.0 in UBR."
"Major New Release of XML Schema Validator (XSV)."
"eXcelon Stylus Studio 4.0: A Now-Mature XSLT Editor." Reviewed by
Kurt Cagle. In New Architect Volume 7, Issue 11 (November 2002),
page 46.
"Can Public Web Services Work?" By Amit Asaravala. In New Architect,
Volume 7, Issue 11 (November 2002), pages 34-38.
"Management: XML Goes to Washington." By Gary H. Anthes. In Computer
World (October 07, 2002).,10801,74845,00.html
"Microsoft Gives Sneak Peek at Jupiter, Greenwich Technologies."
By Cathleen Moore. In InfoWorld (October 08, 2002).
"Second-Generation RosettaNet." By Richard Karpinski. In InternetWeek,
(October 08, 2002).
"IBM Paves The Way For Open Standards." By [SME IT Staff]. In
SME IT Guide October 2002 Issue.
"Document Object Model (DOM) Level 3 Validation Specification Version
1.0." W3C [Last Call] Working Draft 08-October-2002. Edited by Ben
Chang (Oracle), Joe Kesselman (IBM), and Rezaur Rahman (Intel
"Swingtide Founders Jack Serfass and David Wroe: XML's Ticking Bomb."
By Jack Serfass and David Wroe. In CNet (October 07, 2002).
"OAGIS 8: Practical Integration Meets XML Schema." By Mark Feblowitz
(Frictionless Commerce). Originally published in XML Journal Volume 3,
Issue 9 (September 2002), pages 22-28.
"ITxpo: Gartner Grades The Web Services Standards." By Tom Sullivan.
In InfoWorld (October 08, 2002).
"Shootout At The Transaction Corral: BTP Versus WS-T." By Roger
Sessions (Austin, Texas). In ObjectWatch Newsletter Number 41 (October
3, 2002).
"Perspective: The Patent Threat to the Web." By Bruce Perens. In CNet (October 07, 2002).
"Qwest Touts VoiceXML." By Ann Bednarz. In Network World (October
07, 2002).
"Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 HTML Specification Version 1.0."
W3C Candidate Recommendation 07-October-2002. Edited by Johnny
Stenback (Netscape), Philippe Le Hégaret (W3C), and Arnaud Le Hors
(W3C and IBM).
"Enabling Trusted Web Services. Embed Trust and Security Into the New
Infrastructure." By Phillip Hallam-Baker. In Web Services Journal,
Volume 2, Issue 10 (October 2002), page 5.
"Web Services Infrastructure. Building Transactional Web Services with
OASIS BTP." By Jim Webber (Arjuna Laboratory, Hewlett-Packard). In Web
Services Journal, Volume 2, Issue 10 (October 2002), pages 50-54.
"Designing Web Services with XML Signatures." By Mark Young. In Web
Services Journal, Volume 2, Issue 10 (October 2002), pages 10-12.
"Business Process with BPEL4WS: Learning BPEL4WS, Part 3. Activities
and the in-memory model." By Matthew Duftler and Rania Khalaf (IBM).
From IBM developerWorks, Web services. October 2002.
"Web Services Security Spec Threatened." By Darryl K. Taft. In eWEEK
(October 07, 2002).,3959,590669,00.asp
"W3C Proposes XML Encryption Methods." By Paul Festa. In ZDNet News
(October 07, 2002).
"The Talaris Services Business Language: A Case Study on Developing
XML Vocabularies Using the Universal Business Language." By Calvin
Smith, Patrick Garvey, and Robert Glushko (School of Information
Management & Systems, University of California, Berkeley). 27-
September-2002. Revision 4. 16 pages. Published as a case study with
the UBL TC Reports from the meeting in Burlington, MA, USA, 1-4
October 2002.
"Voice Biometrics and Application Security. Identification,
Verification, and Classification." By Moshe Yudkowsky (WWW). In Dr
Dobb's Journal [DDJ] (November 2002) #342, pages 16-22. Feature
"Web Services Security." By Andy Yang. In EAI Journal Volume 4, Number
9 (September 2002), pages 33-37.
"Remember the Metadata." By David Linthicum. In EAI Journal Volume 4,
Number 9 (September 2002), pages 8-10.
"Feature: Who, What, Where? The challenges of automating identity
management and provisioning run the gamut from architecture to
standards." By David L. Margulius. In InfoWorld (October 04, 2002).
"Standards Patent Strife Spreads." By Paul Festa. In CNET
(October 03, 2002).
"Considerations for Intellectual Property Rights in IETF Standards."
By Maximilian Riegel. IETF IPR Working Group, Internet-Draft.
Reference: 'draft-riegel-ipr-practices-01.txt'. July 22, 2002,
expires January 20, 2003.
"The XML Culture Clash. [Book Review]." [Reviewed] by Michael J. Lutz
(Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY). In IEEE Computer
Volume 35, Number 10 (October 2002), page 72.
"AOLTW Enforces Patents With Liberty Single Sign-On." By Matt Berger.
In InfoWorld (October 04, 2002).
"Working with a Metaschema." By Will Provost. From (October
02, 2002).
"Duplicate and Empty Elements." By Bob DuCharme. From
(October 02, 2002).
"TAG's Iron Fist." By Edd Dumbill. From (October 02, 2002).
"TAG Rejects HLink." By Kendall Grant Clark. From
(October 02, 2002).
"How NTT Safely Adopted an XML Framework." By Shelley Doll.
In (October 02, 2002).
"Free WS-I Interoperability Tests Due in 2002." By Paul Krill.
In InfoWorld (October 03, 2002).
"XML Accessibility Guidelines." W3C Working Draft 3-October-2002.
Edited by Daniel Dardailler (W3C), Sean B. Palmer, and Charles
McCathieNevile (W3C).
"Reports Made Easy With JasperReports." By Erik Swenson (Open Source
Software Solutions). In JavaWorld (September 2002).
"Developing Web Services, Part 3: SOAP Interoperability." By Bilal
Siddiqui (CEO, WAP Monster). From IBM developerWorks, Web services.
September 2002.
"WebWare Deals with Interwoven, Shows Fruits of WebDAV Support." By
Patricia Evans. In The Seybold Report Volume 2, Number 12 (September
30, 2002). ISSN: 1533-9211.
"XML Powers Document Builders." By Peter Coffee. In eWEEK (September
30, 2002).,3959,575742,00.asp
"Roots of the REST/SOAP Debate." By Paul Prescod (ConstantRevolution
Consulting). Paper presented at 2002 Extreme Markup Languages
Conference 2002 in Montreal.
"Model-Driven Development of Dynamic Web Applications." By Hideki Tai,
Takashi Nerome, Mari Abe, and Masahiro Hori (IBM, Tokyo Research
Laboratory). Paper presented at 2002 Extreme Markup Languages
Conference 2002 in Montreal.
"Topic Maps for Managing Classification Guidance." By Vinh Le (U. S.
Department of Energy, Office of Security, Information Classification
and Control Policy-SO-12) and James David Mason (Y-12 National
Security Complex). Paper presented at 2002 Extreme Markup Languages
Conference 2002 in Montreal.
"Core Range Algebra: Toward a Formal Model of Markup." By Gavin Thomas
Nicol (Red Bridge Interactive). Paper presented at 2002 Extreme Markup
Languages Conference 2002 in Montreal.
"Just-In-Time-Trees (JITTs): Next Step in the Evolution of Markup?" By
Patrick Durusau (Society of Biblical Literature) and Matthew Brook
O'Donnell ( Paper presented at 2002 Extreme Markup
Languages Conference 2002 in Montreal.
"RSA Helps To Secure Web Services." By Richard Karpinski. In
InternetWeek (October 01, 2002).
"At the Wireless Edge." By Glenn Fleishman. In InfoWorld
(September 27, 2002).

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"Entrust Leads Security Standards Development for Web Services.
Leading EAI Vendors, including webMethods and TIBCO, Support Security
Standards to Accelerate Web Services Deployment."
"Entrust Unveils Comprehensive Vision And Product Delivery Roadmap For
Web Services Security. Entrust Secure Transaction Platform Provides
Open, Interoperable, and Flexible Security Solutions for Web Services
Applications -- BEA, IBM Support."
"RSA Security Introduces RSA ClearTrust 5.0, One of the Industry's
Most Comprehensive Web Access Management Solutions. RSA ClearTrust 5.0
software introduces new features designed to improve usability,
interoperability and security for Trusted Identity and Access
"Microsoft Details Vision for the Connected Business and Unveils
'Jupiter'. The 'Jupiter' Vision Aims to Unify and Extend Current E-
Business Server Technologies And Include Standardized Business Process
Management Capabilities, Deeper Support For XML Web Services, and
Richer Developer and Information Worker Experiences."
"ECP.NL and HR-XML Consortium Leverage Each Other's Strengths with
Strategic Partnership."
"Edify's Convergence Server Unifies Web and Telephony Architectures.
C-Server Enables Multiple IP-based Delivery Channels from a Single
Application, Including Voice XML and All Other Standard Mark Up
"Corel Ventura 10 Now Available. Extending the Power of XML Content to
Professional Business Publishing."
"Qwest Communications Launches Service To Help Customers Design Voice-
Enabled Customer Service Applications.",1720,1119_archive,00.html
"Microsoft and Intervoice Create Sales, Marketing and Technology
Alliance Aimed at Making Speech Technology Mainstream Strategic
Alliance to Support Technology Development and Promotion Of the SALT-
Based Microsoft .NET Speech Platform, Bringing Open and Economical
Web-Based Speech Solutions to Leading Call Center and Enterprise
"Baltimore Introduces New Security Toolkit for Web Services
Environments. Toolkit Addresses Security Requirements of XML Documents
and Messages in Web Services Environments."
"RSA Security Helps Customers Develop and Implement an Effective
Security Strategy for Web Services Newly released RSA BSAFE SecurXML
software enables developers to build XML-based digital signing
applications within a Web services environment."

Autumn 2002 Joint CompTIA/EIDX and RosettaNet Conference.  Joint
Conference with  RosettaNet User Groups.  November 11 - 14, 2002.
"Connecting Business Intelligence with Supply Chain Process
Integration."  Research Triangle, Durham, North Carolina, USA.
WS-I Fall Meeting. Web Services Interoperability Organization.
November 5 - 7, 2002 Miami, FL, USA.
Enterprise Data Forum.  November 4 - 7, 2002. Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
XML and Web Services Connections.  October 30 - November 2, 2002.
Hyatt Grand Cypress Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA.
International Federated Conferences (DOA, ODBASE, CoopIS). "On the
Move to Meaningful Internet Systems and Ubiquitous Computing" 2002.
October 28 - November 1, 2002.  University of California, Irvine, USA.
Evolve Conference 2002.  October 8 - 11, 2002.   Four Points Sheraton,
Sydney, Australia.

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