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                        September 03, 2002
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Featured News Stories

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W3C Publishes Working Draft of Architectural Principles of the World
Wide Web
W3C has released a working draft of "Architectural Principles of the
World Wide Web." The Web is a networked information system; Web
Architecture is the set of principles that all agents in the system
follow to create the large-scale effect of a shared information space.
Identification, data formats, and protocols are the main technical
components of Web Architecture, but the large-scale effect depends
on social behavior as well.

Web Services Security TC Receives WS-Security Profile for XML-based
IBM, Microsoft, and Verisign have submitted a specification on
'WS-Security Profile for XML-based Tokens' to the OASIS WSS TC. The
specification is designed to supplement the existing WS-Security input
specification. The authors request consideration of the specification
by the WSS-TC, as the document further clarifies how XML Tokens are
used with WS-Security. The document describes a general framework and
two sample profiles.

STAR and OAGI Approve XML Standards in the Automotive Retail Space
A communique from Tom Campisi (STAR Communications Chair) describes
new XML standards for the retail automotive space. Seven XML
specifications have been approved, and will be publicly available on
the STAR website. The standards govern Parts Order, Parts Pick List,
Parts Return, Repair Order, Sales Lead, Vehicle Service History, and
Warranty Reconciliation. OAGI created the XML message methodology on
which STAR standards (BODs) are based.

OASIS UDDI Specification Technical Committee Continues Work on Web
Services Registry Foundations
A UDDI Specification Technical Committee has been formed within the
OASIS UDDI Member Section to continue work on the Web services
registry foundations developed and published by The TC will
support specifications for Web services registries and Web service
interfaces to the registries; replication or synchronization
mechanisms across multiple implementations; security facilities for
registry operations.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"Explore Online XML Data With Java Programming. Forecast the Weather
and More With XML Parsing." By Dan Becker (Software developer, IBM
Software Group). From IBM developerWorks, Java technology.
September 2002.
"Microsoft, IBM Diverge on Services Standards." By Darryl K. Taft.
In eWEEK (September 02, 2002).,3959,503863,00.asp
"Users Cast Wary Eye at Web Services." By Carol Sliwa. In Computer
World (September 02, 2002).,10801,73921,00.html
"Information Aggregation." By Carolyn A. April, Heather Harreld, and
Matt Berger. In InfoWorld (August 30, 2002).
"Guidelines for the Use of XML within IETF Protocols." By Scott
Hollenbeck (VeriSign, Inc.), Marshall T. Rose (Dover Beach Consulting,
Inc.), and Larry Masinter (Adobe Systems Incorporated). IETF Network
Working Group Internet-Draft. Reference:
'draft-hollenbeck-ietf-xml-guidelines-06.txt'. 34 pages. Version 06.
August 22, 2002, expires February 20, 2003.
"Common Name Resolution Protocol (CNRP)." By Nico Popp (RealNames
Corporation), Michael Mealling (VeriSign, Inc.), and Marshall Moseley
(Netword, Inc). IETF Network Working Group, Internet-Draft. Reference:
'draft-ietf-cnrp-12.txt'. February 21, 2002.
"UDDI Takes Step Forward but Isn't Ready for Deployment." By Ray
Wagner and John Pescatore (Gartner Research). Gartner FirstTake.
Reference: FT-18-0859. 30-August-2002.
"Q&A: VeriSign's Phillip Hallam-Baker on Web Services Security." By
Carol Sliwa. In Computerworld (August 30, 2002).,10801,73902,00.html
"Out with AOL, in with Jabber." By Paul Festa. In CNET
(August 30, 2002).
"Resource Description Framework (RDF): Concepts and Abstract Data
Model." Edited by Graham Klyne (Clearswift and Nine by Nine) and
Jeremy Carroll (Hewlett Packard Labs). Series editor: Brian McBride
(Hewlett Packard Labs). W3C Working Draft 29-August-2002.
"Validation by Instance." By Michael Fitzgerald. From
(August 28, 2002).
"Transporting Binary Data in SOAP." By Rich Salz. From
(August 28, 2002).
"Nobody REALLY Asked Me, But..." By John E. Simpson. From
(August 28, 2002).
"W3C, OASIS Look For Common Web Services Ground." By Richard
Karpinski. In InternetWeek (August 29, 2002).
"Iona CTO Touts Web Services 'Standardization Dream'." By Carolyn A.
April. In InfoWorld (August 29, 2002).
"Standards Bodies Seek to Reconcile Web Services Security." By Shawna
McAlearney. In Security Wire Digest Volume 4, Number 65
(August 29, 2002).
"Web Services Security Standards Forum." Technical Keynote by Dr.
Phillip M. Hallam-Baker C.Eng. FBCS (VeriSign Inc) presented at the
Forum on Security Standards for Web Services, Boston, 26 August, 2002.
"OASIS XACML TC and Rights Language TC." By Hal Lockhart (Entegrity).
Among the presentations given at the Forum on Security Standards for
Web Services, Boston, 26 August, 2002.
"OASIS Fuels Security Agenda." By Brian Fonseca. In InfoWorld
(August 30, 2002).
"OASIS Forms Technical Committee To Tackle UDDI." By Richard
Karpinski. In InternetWeek (August 29, 2002).
"Internet Open Trading Protocol Version 2 Requirements." By Donald E.
Eastlake 3rd (Motorola). Request for Comments (RFC): 3354. Date:
August 2002. I-D Tag: 'draft-ietf-trade-iotp2-req-02.txt'.
"Cape Clear Offers WSDL Editor." By Carolyn A. April. In (August 29,
"XML Web Services: Is the End Near?" By Darryl K. Taft. In eWEEK
(August 28, 2002).,3959,491852,00.asp
"Liberty Alliance Picks Up More Members." By Matt Berger. In
InfoWorld (August 28, 2002).
"DataPower Delivers XML Acceleration Device." By Scott Tyler Shafer.
In InfoWorld (August 28, 2002).
"Standardizing Web Services Nears Completion." By Darryl K. Taft.
In eWEEK (August 28, 2002).,3959,490996,00.asp
"Check Point Tweaks Firewall To Secure Web Services." By Richard
Karpinski. In InternetWeek (August 28, 2002).
"Liberty Alliance Adds Technical Muscle." By Sandeep Junnarkar.
In CNET (August 28, 2002).
"Answering the Critical Web Services Questions." By Peter Fischer.
In Application Development Trends Volume 9, Number 7 (July 2002),
pages 51-57.

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"Reactivity Joins WS-I and OASIS to Help Define Security
Standards. Thought Leader in Application Security Contributes
to Standards Bodies."
"HL7, SWIFT, VCA, and e.centre Join OASIS UBL Liaisons."
"Software AG Adds SOAP Gateway to Reduce the Complexity of
Managing Web Services. New EntireX XML Mediator Release Provides
SOAP Gateway and XSLT Generation Tool to Support Web Services
and Improve Document Integration."
"Liberty Alliance Increases Ranks With 30 New Members From
Across the Globe."

Leveraging XML for Pharmaceutical R&D Information Exchange.
November 18 - 19, 2002. The Ritz-Carlton, Tyson Corner, McLean,
SD East 2002. Software Development Conference and Expo.
November 18 - 22, 2002. Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA, USA
Enterprise Data Forum.  November 4 - 7, 2002. Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
Liberty Alliance Project All-Participant Meeting.  September 19, 2002.
Chicago, Illinois, USA.
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