European Workgroup on SGML (EWS)

Note: The following information was relevant in mid 1992, but I have not updated it (November 1994) in detail yet.

The EWS is a cooperative effort by publishers, database developers, typesetters and other representatives from commercial and academic sectors to produce standard DTDs for scientific articles. The DTDs are to be used to facilitate document interchange between researchers, and between scholars and publishers. The Workgroup is loosely associated with the International SGML Users' Group. For specific details on the published MAJOUR DTDs and current work, see below.

Questions regarding the full activities of the EWS may be directed to Angelika Binding, Holger Wendt, or Dieke van Wijnen. Addresses:
Angelika Binding
Springer-Verlag GmbH & Co KG
Postfach 10 52 80
D-69042 Heidelberg
Phone: +49 6221 48 76 45
FAX: +49 6221 41 39 82

Holger Wendt
Springer Verlag GmbH & Co. KG Postfach 105280
Tiergartenstrasse 17
D-6900 Heidelberg 1
TEL: +49-6221-487-324
FAX: +49-6221-43982

Dieke van Wijnen
New Media Department
Wolters Kluwer Academic Publishers
Spuiboulevard 50
Postbus 989
3300 AZ Dordrecht
TEL: +31-78-334-264
FAX: 31-78-334-254

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MAJOUR means Modular Application for Journals. The EWS (European Workgroup on SGML) has published a DTD for the headers of scientific articles (MAJOUR-Header DTD). In cooperation with the CERN EPS (European Physical Society), EWS also produced a "body" standard DTD for complete scientific articles. The DTDs developed by EWS and EPS/CERN are based upon AAP article DTDs. See above section for further details on EWS. The MAJOUR DTDs are available free via FTP and electronic mail; see section below describing to obtain the MAJOUR Header DTD (and the MAJOUR Body DTD) mail from the Springer-Verlag file server. Free copies of the MAJOUR DTD(s) also may be obtained from the STM (International Group of Scientific Technical and Medical Publishers): contact Ms Harriet de Hoog, STM Secretariat, Keizersgracht 462, 1016 GE Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS; FAX +31-20-38-15-66. See further in "European Workshop on SGML," SGML Users' Group Newsletter 20 (September 1991) 22. Alternately, contact the GCA for a free copy of MAJOUR (with purchase of other materials from the GCA's printed materials); see SGML Users' Group Newsletter 20 (September 1991) 32.


The SPRINGER-VERLAG Server is a file server sponsored by SPRINGER-VERLAG (Science Publisher: Berlin - Heidelberg - New York - London - Paris - Tokyo - Hong Kong - Barcelona - Budapest). The host machine is on BITNET at the address SVSERV@DHDSPRI6.BITNET. SGML is currently one of the supported directories, and contains MAJOUR materials. To see a listing of files in the SGML directory, send a standard email message to the LISTSERVer with the line dir /SGML or for a list of directories, send a message dir /. For the MAJOUR (header) materials, send a standard email message to the LISTSERVer (SVSERV@DHDSPRI6.BITNET) with the lines get /sgml/ and (another line) get The file contains the MAJOUR Header DTD, while the second file contains MAJOUR Header manual in a PostScript file. All files sent from SVSERV with the extension ".zip" are compressed with PKZIP and are mailed in UUenCoded format; files received in this format must be UUdeCoded und PkUnZiped. LaTeX macros and other useful files are also held on this server. Questions about the server may be directed to the list owner Holger Wendt WENDT@DHDSPRI6.BITNET.