Date:      Tue, 26 Oct 1999 5:20:0
From:      Eric van der Vlist <>
To:        XQL List <>
Subject:   Help needed for a new project


We've recently started a new project which goal is to to discuss the features of an ideal "XML Server" and eventually to prepare its implementation as an Open Source project.

By "XML Server", we mean an architecture (not necessarily a physical server) allowing to manage (i.e. to query but also to update) XML and tabular data in a consistent fashion.

We would like to open this discussion to anyone feeling interested by these topics without polluting existing lists and have created an eGroup to archive our discussion.

XML-Server eGroup addresses: home : Post Message : Subscribe : Unsubscribe : List owner :

This group is totally open and everyone can post to the group.

At the home address, you'll find a description of the eGroup, a page of related links and the archive of our discussions.

The definition of the query language is clearly one of the major issues and XQL being the most appropriate language for our project, we would value your feedback very much.

A thread has been opened on this list for the definition of the language :

Thanks for your feedback.