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XML extensions for ISO/IEC 11179

Work Plan

As of October 23, 1998

A summary of action items and who plans to work on them follows:

1. Establish liasons and collaborations

W3C-RDF (Frank Olken and John McCarthy)

W3C-XML Schema [and possibly other XML WGs] (Frank and John)

OMG-XMI [Object Analysis and Design Task Force] Tom Culpepper,

Elizabeth Fong, Frank Olken

CommerceNet (Tom Rose, NIST)

XML-EDI [X12, GCA] (Jake Knoppus, Canada -- ISO WG1,WG2)

2. Translate X3.285 into XML Document Type Description (DTD)

(and later into DTD using XML syntax)

a. via UML, Rational Rose, XMI (Frank & John, via Shriyar Iyengar)

b. by hand (Glen Sperle, maybe Eliot Christian?)

3. Run tests using 11179 reference metadata registry examples

a. Environmental Data Registry (EDR)

i. SQL interface (John & Frank, Glen Sperle)

ii. IDL interface (Tom Culpepper)

b. Health Care System(s) (Bob Mayes)

4. Identify requirements (from #1-3) to convey via liasons to W3C,OMG

(all people from #1-3)

5. Use DTD from #2 to create XML metadata documents

a. import/export subset of metadata only

b. arbitrary subsets of data and associated metadata

c. Web-enabled report or form

(John and Frank, Tim Boland NIST, Shawn Jones?)

6. Organize and Chair Open Forum Panel (John and Frank)

(see more detailed description)

half-day: 3 hours (4x30min plus 60 min for discussion)

7. Refine New Work Item Description (Frank and John)

8. Engage International Participants

a. distribute meeting minutes widely (Bruce)

b. web pages (John and Frank)

c. invite to Open Forum (Bruce)

d. presentations at selected XML meetings (John and Frank)

[possibly XML-Europe in Grenada Spain April, 1999?]

9. Set up Email reflector (Bruce and Allen Goldfine)

10. Begin to Write Standard (Eliot Christian?)

a. use cases (how will different types of people use 11179 and XML?)

b. motivation and background (11179, XML)

c. scope

d. requirements