XMI Final Submission Available

Subject:  XMI final submission available 
Author:   Stephen Crawley
Email:    crawley@dstc.edu.au
Date:     1998/10/29
Forums:   comp.object.corba, comp.text.xml

The DSTC "MOFia" are pleased to announce the availability of the XMI final submission to the OMG's "Stream-Based Model Interchange Format" RFP. The XMI submission is the result of a year long collaboration between DSTC, IBM, Oracle, UNISYS and a number of other organisations. The XMI final submission is scheduled to be presented at the Burlingame OMG meeting (the week after next), and to be voted on at the following OMG meeting in January.

XMI (XML Metadata Interchange) allows metadata conforming to strict metamodels to be encoded as XML documents. The specification has two main parts:

  1. A set of production rules for producing an XML DTD from any metamodel specification.

  2. A parallel set of production rules for producing an XML document conforming to the DTDs from a model (i.e. a collection of metadata) that conforms to the above metamodel.

Appendices to the specification include example XMI generated DTDs for the interchange of UML models and MOF metamodels.

By basing XMI on XML, we provide implementors with an easy path into the world of metadata-based systems. An application does not need to "speak" CORBA to use XMI.

By basing XMI on the metamodelling technology of the OMG's Meta Object Facility, we make it feasible to avoid the effort of hand-crafting DTDs and the corresponding document producer/consumer software. The MOF / XMI framework can support and integrate all kinds of metadata and can be extended at will.

The XMI specification and accompanying documents are now available from the DSTC's MOF web site:


This web site contains a host of other material on the MOF.

-- Steve

Note: see the database entry: "Object Management Group (OMG) and XML Metadata Interchange Format (XMI)."

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