SGML: SYNTEXT ("SGML Grammar Grapher")

SGML: SYNTEXT ("SGML Grammar Grapher")

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Date: Tue, 21 May 1996 13:36:00 -0500


SYNTEXT is an SGML DTD providing elements and attributes to mark up text in
English for:

- syntactic structure, including
          o X-bar based parsing, with Government and Binding-style PRO and "t"
          o grammatical relations a la Quirk et al. marked as attributes
- cohesion
- coreference
- conjunctive relations as attributes of sentence specifiers
- lexical cohesion as attributes of lexical items
- rhetorical figures

Any text marked up for these features and identifying itself as DOCTYPE SYNTEXT
is an SGML document and can be browsed in a SGML browser or viewer such as
SoftQuad's free Windows browser Panorama or the costwish viewer for X
Window being developed by Peter Murray-Rust.

SYNTEXT is an SGML application. It provides markup for the analysis of
syntactic and textual structure;  a marked up text can be viewed in tree and
other modes and can be searched with context sensitive and contingent scans,
making it very powerful for stylistic analysis (once a passage is marked
up!)  The DTD is easily modifiable and can be very useful as a test bed for
rule writing in syntax courses. The X Window version can use Nick Ing-Simmons'
Text To Speech synthesizer rsynth to speak any word, phrase, or sentence
displayed by clicking on it. The X/costwish version can display nodes by
catgory name, content, or grammatical relations.

The SYNTEXT Home Page is at

Documentation and packages including sample marked up texts can be found there.
This is a new program, very alpha.

I would be delighted to get more samples, or critique/improvements of the

George L. Dillon (
16 May 1996