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This document set is designed to simplify the study of the SGML standard syntax. The primary document is the SGML Syntax Summary. Each of the syntactic productions of SGML defines a syntactic variable. The definition is in terms of other syntactic variables and other kinds of tokens. The syntactic variables are hyperlinked several ways: to the production where each syntactic variable used in the definition is defined, and to where the defined syntactic variable is used in the definitions of other syntactic variables.

Other documents provide additional information for each kind of token used in those productions.

Document Summaries

shows the clause structure from the standard, with hyperlinks to the corresponding clauses in the syntax summary.
SGML Syntax Summary
shows the syntax productions. For each, the syntactic variable name and its definition occur. In each definition, various types of tokens occur. Hyperlinks are provided to where syntactic variable tokens are defined. Also a "Used in" list provides hyperlinks to the other productions where the defined syntactic variable is used. Further paper reference to the SGML Standard, ISO 8879-1966, and to the page:line in The SGML Handbook by Charles Goldfarb can simplify the detailed study of the associated semantic meaning.

Each of the following documents provide navigation aids and more detailed information about the other kinds of tokens, and hyperlinks to where the tokens are used in productions in the SGML Syntax Summary.

SGML Syntactic Variables
provide an alphabetized list of each of the syntactic variables.
SGML Keyword Syntactic Literals
show the keyword syntactic literals.
SGML Terminal Variables
show the terminal variables.
SGML Terminal Constants
show the terminal constants.
SGML Reference Delimiter Roles
show the roles used as delimiters, reassignable by SGML Declaration, with default values, recognition states, and exclusions.

See the related suite of files on the Document Style Semantics and Specification Language, based on ISO/IEC DIS 2 10179.2:1996, also by Harvey Bingham.

DSSSL Syntax Summary Index
shows the DSSSL Syntax Summary and similar supplementary files

See download sources for how to obtain each of these suites packed into single files for your local use.

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