New Windows SGML application development products available - SGMLC

Subject:  SGMLC - New Windows SGML application development products available
From: (Bruce Hunter)
Date:     1998/02/16
Message-ID:   <>

Version 1.3 of the SGMLC language and associated products is now available.

SGMLC is a C-like language designed specifically for creating SGML document processing applications in the Microsoft Windows environments (Win 3.11, 95 or NT4). The types of applications which may be created range from "traditional" SGML file conversions through complex batch conversions, screen-based "browsers" and batch printing applications.

You don't have to be an expert Windows programmer to use SGMLC to create slick and powerful Windows-based SGML processing applications - an hour browsing through the documentation and sample code should be enough for anyone with any experience of SGML and a C-like language to begin creating their own applications. See the excellent chapter on SGMLC in Bob DuCharme's "SGMLC CD" book to see what can be done!

New features for v1.3 include:


The SGMLC products have also been extensively repackaged, to allow viewer and printing functionality, as well as the full-blown interactive development and debugging environment, in the free product. The free, unregistered version of the SGMLC Publisher Development Environment includes all the new features listed above, plus full access to all the conversion, browser and publisher facilities.

For further details of the new SGMLC product range, and to download the free products, please visit our website at

Bruce Hunter
SGML Systems Engineering