Subject:      Announcing SGML-SPGrove 1.00
From:         Ken MacLeod <>
Date:         1998/01/04
Message-ID:   <>
Newsgroups:   comp.text.sgml,comp.lang.perl.modules


Announcing SGML-SPGrove 1.00

SGML-SPGrove is a Perl module that links with James Clark's SGML
Parser (SP) and builds in-memory groves from SGML, XML, and HTML
documents.  The groves can be accessed using iterator and callback
(visitor) interfaces.

Version 1.0 is a production release that has been quite stable through
several development releases.

SGML-SPGrove and related modules are available at the source site, and
should be making it's way around CPAN right now.  An overview of the
classes is available in the README file.


Upcoming development releases will split the SP interface and the
grove elements into two seperate modules (SGML::SPGroveBuilder and
SGML::Grove) that will make it easier to support different parsers.

As always, comments, criticism, and suggestions are welcome!  Please
send them to me or join the Quilt mailing list by sending a message
with the word `subscribe' in the Subject: field to

 -- Ken MacLeod