SGML and Python

Title: SP, OLE, Python and SGML Groves
Author: (Paul Prescod)
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 14:07:23 GMT
------------------------------------------------ I've written some rough documents about various topics that may be useful to readers of these newsgroups: * SGML Processing in Python * Using SGML Groves from Python, Visual Basic and other OLE client scripting languages * PySgml: A Module (under development) for SGML Processing in Python * An Introduction to Groves for Python Programmers These are all at my web page: For those who aren't familiar with these technologies: SGML is the ISO standard for structured document processing. If you must work with large, complex documents and publish in more than one format or do other automated processing SGML is the most robust, standard technology. A "Grove" is a data model for the parsed SGML document, just as "tables and fields" make up the relational data model for databases. Python is a really easy, incredibly powerful scripting language. You might think of it as a more powerful, faster TCL or easier to use Perl. It really combines the best features of other scripting languages and borrows many neat features from the Great Languages from history (Simula, SmallTalk, Lisp, Algol). Paul Prescod