SGML: New software from IATH (MU)

SGML: New software from IATH (MU)

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Date:         Sat, 20 Apr 1996 07:32:35 CDT
Reply-To: John Unsworth <>
Sender: "TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) public discussion list" 
From: John Unsworth <>
Subject:      New software from IATH

The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities is pleased to
announce the availability of two new software products, Inote and Mu,
programmed by Mark Ratliff and Dan Ancona, respectively:

Inote is a Java-based program for image annotation; it can be run through
the web or stand-alone (with the Java developer's kit).  Demonstrations,
further information, source code, help documents, and an email/hypermail
list for bug reports and developers, are all available at:

MU is a perl-based program that builds fill-out forms for SGML editing,
based on simple templates.  It supports lock files (for networked
workgroups), and it is distributed with a TEI-lite template.
Demonstrations, source code, help files, and an email list for bug
reports and developers are available at:

Inote will work on any platform that supports Java (Windows95/NT and most
Unix platforms, but not Windows 3.1, and only to a limited extent on
Macs).  Mu will work with any browser that supports fill-out forms, but
the main program needs to be installed on machine that runs Perl (Unix
Web servers, and some other platforms).  If your web server is configured
to permit cgi in user directories, you will not need root/supervisor
access to install MU.

Please download these programs, experiment with them, and report your
experiences to their respective email discussion lists.  We will be
releasing future versions of both packages, so your feedback,
suggestions, and contributions are welcome.

John Unsworth