SGML: ANNOUNCE: SDC 1.0 available


From: Joerg Wittenberger <>
Newsgroups: comp.text.sgml,comp.text
Subject: ANNOUNCE: SDC 1.0 available
Followup-To: comp.text.sgml
Date: 2 Jul 1996 19:10:13 +0200
Organization: University of Technology Dresden
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SDC version 1.0(beta) is available now.

SDC is a well featured, free system aiming to make SGML suitable for
day to day use.

SDC compiles SGML documents into representations as PostScript, LaTeX,
HTML, man pages, (emacs) info files and is a little RTF aware.

The goal of SDC is to be author friendly, easy to use without the need
of special editors and to hide as much of the backend as possible.
Hence the required markup is minimized, mixed content type allow you
to type text (almost) everywhere and get the desired meaning.  There
are no `special characters' but those special to SGML (< and &).

With SDC it is really simple to write technical documentation,
reports, books, letters, man pages, or prepare talks (with slides and
hand outs).  You can include some graphic (made with other tools,
e.g., xfig, tgif or anything creating EPS-Files) or other special data
representation (e.g., tlb/roff tables) and so on with ease.

SDC allows you to convert from one DTD to another (and makes heavy use
of internaly, e.g., when implying tags other DTD's require to type or
when formating a manpage as a subdocument of something else).  It's
also not a big deal to use it with other DTD's than those supplied in
the distribution.  SDC's internals compare somewhat to STIL, but seem
to require less knowledge of Scheme and less typing to write programs

Whatever you do, while writing you never have to worry what the final
result will look like.  When done, you convert your writing into the
desired target format by SDC and promised: it will look *at least*
reasonable.  Prior versions have been successfully used through the
past three years.

For detailed information have a look at:

it's also available by anonymous ftp from: