[Posted by Ken MacLeod to sgml-tools@via.ecp.fr; see http://www.via.ecp.fr/sgml-tools/archives/9802/msg00133.html.]
I have a new Kit.  The Quilt Kit is centered around Quilt and comes
with DTDs and docs for DocBook, LinuxDoc, and TEI Lite.

Quilt is still alpha, so please note that it's in the `test' dir.


Quilt-0.07-Kit-1 includes:

    jade                James Clark's SGML Parser and DSSSL Engine
    Class-Eroot         Support module for SGML-Grove and Quilt
    Class-Visitor       Support module for SGML-Grove and Quilt
    SGML-Grove          SGML/XML object model
    SGML-SPGroveBuilder Build SGML-Grove objects using SP
    Quilt               Grove processing and formatting
    iso-entities        ISO character entities used by most DTDs
    entity-map          Map ISO char ents to common formats

    docbk30             DocBook DTD v3.0
    db30d10             DocBook v3.0 docs
    db104               Norm Walsh's DocBook DSSSL stylesheets
    sgml-tools-dtd      LinuxDoc and SGML-Tools DTDs and docs
    teilite             TEI Lite DTD and doc

The Quilt Kit also installs Jade and DSSSL style sheets for DocBook so
y'all can take a look at them as well.

In this alpha release, Quilt does not have table of contents, is
missing elements on the cover page, does not split HTML files, does
not handle figures, contains many fringe formatting anomalies, could
use a better frontend, and uses less than graceful stylesheets.

See the Kit's README for usage examples for Quilt and Jade.

NOTE: I recommend you install the Kit into it's own PREFIX to make
upgrading and backing out easier.

  Ken MacLeod