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SoftQuad Panorama PRO -- a New Era in Web Content Delivery

SoftQuad Panorama PRO marries the Internet's global access with SGML's powerful features, bringing SGML document viewing to the World Wide Web for the first time. By putting SGML on the Web, SoftQuad Panorama PRO gives users and publishers access to longer and more complex documents than are currently available on the Web, finer control of their display, search and retrieval tools, and enhanced linking capabilities.

Order your copy of SoftQuad Panorama PRO for only US $139 (aggressive volume and reseller pricing available).

To place an order contact SoftQuad Sales.

Purchase order, Visa and Mastercard accepted.

SoftQuad Panorama PRO will also be bundled with Enhanced NCSA Mosaic from Spyglass Inc. A free unsupported and limited version, SoftQuad Panorama, will be downloadable from the Net as part of every Mosaic distribution.

Many publishers already use SGML to produce their print, Braille, large type and CD-ROM versions from a single SGML source file. Now that same file is ready for the Internet without any conversion or editing. SGML will also open up the Web to new kinds of material that can't conform to the more limited HTML format. For example, HTML does not allow for specialized document structures such as copyright information, part numbers or maintenance tasks.

SoftQuad Panorama PRO complements Mosaic, the NCSA's immensely popular HTML viewer. Mosaic will continue to provide HTML browsing but will instantly launch SoftQuad Panorama when it encounters any other type of SGML file. SoftQuad Panorama PRO will be interfaced to Spyglass's commercially available Enhanced NCSA Mosaic.




SoftQuad Panorama and SoftQuad Panorama PRO will be available from SoftQuad in January of 1995 for Windows and UNIX. A Macintosh version will follow. SoftQuad Panorama PRO will also be available through Spyglass Inc. to licensees of their Enhanced NCSA Mosaic product.

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