SGML SW: Pre-release edition of SoftQuad Panorama PRO

SGML: SoftQuad Panorama PRO

Newsgroups: comp.text.sgml
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From: (Yuri Rubinsky)
Subject: SoftQuad Panorama PRO prerelease available [commercial anncmt]
Message-ID: <>
Summary: SGML Web viewer available to information providers
Keywords:  World Wide Web browsing  SGML
Organization: SoftQuad Inc., Toronto, Canada
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 95 20:32:46 GMT
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This is a commercial announcement.

Synex Information AB of Stockholm, Sweden and SoftQuad Inc of Toronto,
Canada, are pleased to announce the availability of the Brown Bag,
pre-release edition of SoftQuad Panorama PRO, the first full SGML
viewer for the World Wide Web.

The pre-release version, of which only 80 will be available, is
geared specifically to those individuals and organizations who have
SGML content they wish to publish on the Web immediately.

The goal is to have a small but very interesting collection of
SGML materials already available on the Web when we release the
free version of SoftQuad Panorama within the next three weeks.

Cost of the Panorama PRO is U$ 139. Licensees will be automatically
upgraded to the full release within four weeks.

Please reply to if you wish to take
part in this dramatic moment in the history of World Wide Web

Yuri Rubinsky                           +1 416 239-4801
President, SoftQuad Inc.                WWW:
Suite 810  56 Aberfoyle Crescent        Internet:
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8X 2W4        Fax: +1 416 239-7105