SGML: DTD Documentation Programs

SGML: DTD Documentation Programs

From Thu Jan 23 06:04:48 1997
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 09:15:49 -0500
From: Eric Promislow <>
Subject: DTD Documentation Programs (was: Re: preserving returns in DocBook
 document, editing with PSGML)


Michael Sperberg-McQueen <U35395@UICVM.UIC.EDU> writes:
> There are also several DTDs for DTDs themselves:  Omnimark apparently
> has one, perhaps internal to the product, for handling DTDs as
> documents, ...

Yes, we do have a program that takes DTDs, dices and slices the info
in them, and produces:

1.) Another SGML document that describes the DTD (not generally
intended for human consumption)

2.) An RTF file that documents the DTD by section and alphabetic
order.  It gives the content model for each element, for example, but
also gives the names of the other elements in which that element can
be contained.

3.) We also have a program that converts the intermediate document to
Viewer-RTF, which is intended to be converted with the Microsoft
Viewer compiler into a Microsoft Viewer document.  Viewer is no longer
supported (I think).  With its hypertext links, it was a neat tool for
its time (ca. 1992).  I would do it in HTML now if I were going to do
it again, but I'm sure others have done it (Norm Smith has, right?).

4.) A "pretty-printed DTD", with the elements in alphabetical order.

The program works best with "normalized" DTDs -- marked sections
should be expanded and eliminated.

The program is in the dtdinfo family of sample programs in the
OmniMark V2R6 sampler.  Please send email to or
browse or for more info.

-- Eric
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