From Sat Mar  8 03:00:05 1997
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 1997 09:57:23 +0100 (MET)
From: Norbert Mikula <>
Subject: NXP : New Beta (public identifiers, catalog, more parameter entities)

To all (potential) users of NXP

I have put a new beta release onto my WWW server.

Please have a look at :

Release Notes : 

* Includes Public Identifiers

* Includes catalogs (incl. DELEGATE and CATALOG)

* Parameter Entitities

More places where paramater entities can be used in the 
internal subset (please look at entities.xml and entities.dtd 
an the same directory). Im still working on this, but *please*
do some torture testing with it and send me the results. I am
especially interested in the cases that I think should work,
but where one additional whitespace or so make the parser

* Name conflicts 

Conflicts of SGML keywords and SGML names should be all solved
now. I guess I will rewrite the handling of all this by 
introducing more lexical states.

* Attribute defaults should be handled correctly now 

Have fun :-) 

!!!!! Special thanks to all of you which have been testing and
contributing to NXP so far. !!!!!!

FYI: To re-compile you need the last JavaCC.

Could someone take the burden and do some testing
on the validation feature ( -v ). Please ....
(see also :

Best regards,
Norbert H. Mikula

 SGML, DSSSL, Intra- & Internet, AI, Java