OVIDIUS Releases MetaMorphosis 3.0

Author:  John Smith
Email:   johnsmith@nospam.org
Date:    1998/09/10
Groups:  comp.text.sgml           

OVIDIUS Releases MetaMorphosis 3.0

MetaMorphosis is a target-driven SGML/XML tree transformer. Parsers for other input formats may easily be plugged into MetaMorphosis using the freely available tree representation API (MMdb-API).

Version 3.0 is a complete redesign of MetaMorphosis. It has a modular architecture, a set of APIs and is available as an SDK Version which allows a complete integration of MetaMorphosis into other applications.

MetaMorphosis platforms:

New features:


There are two versions available for download:

  1. Demo Version for MS Windows95/98/NT; fully functional, time restricted to two months after installation
  2. MetaMorphosis-free for Linux (ELF); fully functional, not for commercial use

Both versions can be downloaded from:


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