Jade 1.2 and JadeTeX

From:     Sebastian Rahtz <s.rahtz@elsevier.co.uk>
Date:     Thu, 24 Sep 1998 13:44:43 +0100
To:       dssslist@mulberrytech.com
Subject:  Jade 1.2 and JadeTeX

Just to make it clear about the JadeTeX macros, they exist in 3 places:

Jade 1.2 will now produce a TeX file starting \FOT{n}, where n is a number representing the revision of the backend TeX format. The JadeTeX package will check this, and complain if there is no match. JadeTeX itself has a minor version number (currently 1) used to identify changes which are compatible with the major version backend.

As of today, b) and c) above are identical, and working to the best of my belief. If in doubt, collect a copy from b) for your system.

All older patches to Jade are obsolete; anyone interested in JadeTeX is highly recommended to start with a fresh Jade 1.2 and fresh JadeTeX, and report errors based on that setup.

As of this release, David Carlisle's MathML DSSSL specification should run with no need for a special jadetex.cfg.


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