SGML: use of Jade TeX backend

Use of Jade TeX backend

From Wed Jun 25 10:06:26 1997
From: Sebastian Rahtz <>
Subject: Re: use of Jade TeX backend?


Paul Prescod writes:
 > It isn't clear to me why we need to develop the TeX back-end and JadeTex
no need at all. it was just a working method

 > the standard Jade back-end so that no special installation was necessary
 > at all. The output of the TeX back-end could be standard TeX or LaTeX
 > files that could be processed with a simple command line:
 > tex jadeoutput.tex 
the only flaw in this is speed. if there are a lot of macros involved,
its much faster to have them preloaded in a format file. also, at
present i rely on pulling in half a dozen existing LaTeX packages
(danged if i am doing to incorporate all of eg hyperrer, color,
graphics in each output file)

 > I'm not sure right now how I am supposed to relate my output to the
 > JadeTeX macros. 
1. get jadetex macros
2. tex jadetex.ins %writes jadetex.ltx)
3. tex -ini \&latex jadetex.ltx '\dump'
4. tex \&jadetex foo.tex  % where jade wrote foo.tex
5. dvips foo -o

or if you have pdftex

3. pdftex -ini \&pdflatex jadetex.ltx '\dump'
4. tex \&jadetex foo.tex  % where jade wrote foo.tex
5. acroread foo.pdf

 > I admit that I haven't spent more than 20 minutes
 > researching it, so this is almost certainly an RTFM issue. Is there a
 > JadeTex for dummies page? 
sadly not :-}

i freely admit that as of today you need to be a mild TeX weeny to get
stuck into this. but only mild.

 > Anyhow, it would be nice if printing from SGML+DSSSL via TeX would be as
 > easy as via RTF.
if you live in Unix, its considerably easier .... and if you want pdf,
its faster and better than via RTF


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