Jade patches for Jadetex, and new Jadetex

From      owner-dssslist@mulberrytech.com Fri Jul  3 08:00:37 1998
Date:     Fri, 03 Jul 1998 13:36:38 +0100
From:     Sebastian Rahtz <s.rahtz@elsevier.co.uk>
Subject:  Jade patches for Jadetex, and new Jadetex

I have uploaded some files to
http://www.tug.org/applications/jadetex.  These are:

1. jadeupdates.zip. This contains

  a) context diffs between jade1.1 source tree (jclark.orig), and
   revised source tree (jclark)

  80430  07-03-98  12:34   jade.table.diffs

  b) new files added by Kathleen Marszalek for table support
   1761  04-30-98  22:01   jade/TeXFOTBuilder_inst.cxx
    464  04-28-98  20:28   jade/TeXFOTBuilder_inst.m4
   1616  10-03-97  00:53   jade/TmpOutputByteStream.h

  c) Kathleen's notes:

    11357  07-03-98  12:18   jadetextables.html

2. jadetex.dtx, jadetex.ins, makefile

   updated Jadetex macros

The patches to Jade have been sent to James Clark, and hopefully
they'll appear in a new Jade release. In the meanwhile, I hope that
some people willl try them out, and the revised Jadetex, and see if
their tables work. I know that not all possibilities are catered for,
and it may well need another round of revision, but I hope this takes
us a vital stage further. Please tell me, directly, of any problems
and I will try to sort them out. 

NOTE: Kathleen's work (with Paul Prescod) and my work were
commissioned by Novare International, who have agreed that the code
can be distributed under the same conditions as the rest of Jade. A
round of applause for Novare....


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