SGML: jadetex new

jadetex new

From Thu Apr 24 06:03:15 1997
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 12:01:35 +0100 (BST)
From: Sebastian Rahtz <>
Subject: jadetex new


I just put a new version of my Jadetex macros on the TeX archives in
macros/jadetex. I have made the majority of math flow objects work in
at least skeleton fashion; just marks are so far untouched. Nested
fences give the wrong result, and radicals are limited to roots.

If anyone would care to give me some DSSSL code to turn


into a displayed equation labelled with (33) on the right hand side,
i'd be happy. as in

    A + B                         (33)

what construct would people use to combine the math object with the
label? at present i have 
(element fd
 (make display-group
 (make math-sequence
   math-display-mode: 'display
   min-leading: 2pt
   font-posture: 'math

and ignore the <no>

In general, Jadetex has two major flaws at present:

 a) vertical spacing still isn't right at times
 b) tables are only rudimentary

I expect to fix a) soon, but tables in general are horrid.

problems with hypertext linking should be solved soon with some
suggestions James gave me