ICA - Integrated Chameleon Architecture

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Subject: [4040] ICA: new release and book
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                             Release 1.6
                           February, 1994

We are pleased to announce that a new release of the Integrated Chameleon
Architecture (ICA) is available for public distribution.  The ICA is a
toolset for generating data translators.  In particular, the toolset can be
used to generate translators to and from a constrained subset of instances
of SGML Document Type Definitions (DTDs).

A new user's manual is also available.  Published by Prentice Hall, the
book is entitled `The Integrated Chameleon Architecture: Translating
Documents with Style,' by Sandra Mamrak, Conleth S.  O'Connell and Julie
Barnes, ISBN 0-13-056418-4.  This book contains much new and revised
material over the previously available online documentation, including a
chapter on the ICA and SGML.

There are several example translators included in the distribution.  The
first is a book DTD and includes specific translators for the LaTeX book
documentstyle and a specific troff macro package.  The second is a
bibliographic DTD and includes specific translators for BibTeX and refer
bibliographic database formats.  Please note that the ICA is for developing
translators and not providing translators.

The ICA runs in the Unix environment, using the X Window System for the
basis of the graphical user interfaces.  Unfortunately, there are many
variations on the above so the following list fills in the details.  The
primary development platform is a Sun4 with SunOS 4.1.3 using X11R5 from
MIT.  The primary window manager used during development is tvtwm.

        Hardware OS              X11 Release     Window Manager
        Sun4     SunOS 4.1.3     R5              twm
		 Solaris 2.2	 OpenWin	 olwm
	30?86	 Linux		 R5		 twm

Other configurations are supported on a best-effort basis.  We believe this
should work on many platforms however we do not have the facilities for
testing such platforms.

The distribution is located on archive.cis.ohio-state.edu ( in
pub/chameleon/ICA-1.6.tar.Z as a compressed tar file:


A mailing list, ica@cis.ohio-state.edu, exists for those who would like to
solicit and exchange ICA information.  A list for reporting bugs has also
been established.  Details are given below.

FTPing the ICA Toolset

example% ftp ftp.cis.ohio-state.edu
Connected to archive.cis.ohio-state.edu.
220 archive FTP server (SunOS 4.1) ready.
Name (ftp.cis.ohio-state.edu:cso): anonymous
331 Guest login ok, send ident as password.
Password:                                    <---  Use your login name
230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.
ftp> cd pub/chameleon
250 CWD command successful.
ftp> binary                                  <---  Just to make sure
200 Type set to I.
ftp> get ICA-1.6.tar.Z                       <---  This will take time
200 PORT command successful.
ftp> quit
221 Goodbye.
example%                                     <---  Back home

example% uncompress ICA-1.6.tar.Z
example% tar xvof ICA-1.6.tar                <---  Untarring...

Read the INSTALLATION_NOTES for further instructions on compiling ICA.
Please read the COPYRIGHT notice.  A subdirectory of example specifications
for a simple article, book and bibliography is included in the

Subscribing to the ICA Mailing List

Please direct all inquiries and comments concerning the ICA to the mailing
list, ica@cis.ohio-state.edu, and not to any individuals.

If you would like your name added to the ICA mailing list, please send
email to ica-request@cis.ohio-state.edu, with subject line `ICA mailing
list'.  In the body of the message, please indicate the (internet) email
address that you would like added to the list.  The list is maintained
manually, with updates every few days.

Sending Bug Reports to the ICA Bug List

If you find any bugs in the ICA, kindly report them by email to
ica-bugs@cis.ohio-state.edu.  A bug report form, BUG_REPORT, is available
with the ICA distribution.  Kindly use that report form to expedite bug

Good luck!
The ICA crew
Sandra A. Mamrak	 	Department of Computer and Information Science
					 The Ohio State University
mamrak@cis.ohio-state.edu	  2036 Neil Ave., Columbus, OH USA 43210-1277