SGML: HyBrowse 1.0.1

SGML: HyBrowse 1.0.1

Subject: HyBrowse 1.0.1
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 11:53:08 -0500
From: "Steven R. Newcomb" <>
Newsgroup: comp.text.sgml


"HyBrowse 1.0.1" HyTime multimedia doc browser now available

As Eliot Kimber has already mentioned in comp.text.sgml, TechnoTeacher
Inc. is providing a shareware HyTime document browser / stylesheet
editor for Windows-95 and Windows-NT called "HyBrowse 1.0".  (Eliot
used HyBrowse to show his slides at his SGML '96 paper.)  You can
download HyBrowse from our server at any time and enjoy it for 45 days
thereafter at no charge.  After the 45 day free use period, if
you can't live without HyBrowse, register your copy with TechnoTeacher
for USD $35.

HyBrowse comes with a tutorial document set (it has windows-type help,
too).  Examples of HyTime documents are also available at our WWW
site.  HyBrowse works with any DTD and with multiple DTDs governing
multiple linked documents.  We hope you will use HyBrowse to create
your own strongly-typed independent link types and anchor roles, and
to associate them with icons and/or other formatting instructions.
There is a special "transclusion" formatting parameter, which lets you
display remote anchors as if they were part of the local document.

We first announced and distributed HyBrowse at the SGML '96 Conference
last week in Boston.  We've had quite a lot of feedback on it, and we
have made some minor improvements.  The only really visible change is
that multiple anchor selection boxes are a little easier to read.  The
new version number is 1.0.1.  (Those who have already registered their
copies can re-use their version 1.0 registration numbers with version

Download traffic has been heavy, and our web/ftp server has a limit of
30 simultaneous connections.  If you can't get a connection, please
try again later.  The addresses are:


If for any reason you can't obtain HyBrowse by downloading it, you can
obtain a copy on 3.5-inch HD diskettes directly from TechnoTeacher for
USD $50.  This price includes applicable taxes, shipping, and
handling, as well as the cost of registering one copy.

All HyBrowse users, including as-yet-unregistered users, can subscribe
to a free e-mail list service allowing them to share their thoughts,
ideas, documents, complaints, etc. with other HyBrowse users.  To
subscribe, send a note saying "SUBSCRIBE" to  To report bugs in HyBrowse, please
send a note to

Best regards,


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"HyBrowse" is a trademark of TechnoTeacher, Inc.
"Windows-95" and "Windows-NT" are trademarks of Microsoft Corp.