Learn Emacs and PSGML

Subject:   Learn Emacs and PSGML 
Author:    Robert Ducharme
Email:     duchar96@squeegee.cs.nyu.edu
Date:      1998/12/03
Forums:    comp.text.sgml, comp.text.xml

I put an Acrobat version of the complete Emacs/PSGML chapter of my book SGML CD onto the book's web page at http://www.snee.com/bob/sgmlfree. The 99-page chapter assumes no initial knowledge of Emacs and provides a basic introduction to creating and navigating simple text files before it covers PSGML, Lennart Staflin's add-in that turns Emacs into a menu-driven, validating, SGML/XML editor.

The SGML CD book is a tutorial and user's guide to free SGML/XML software, and you can link to all the software from the web page whether you want to buy the book or not.

I have my own time- and keystroke-saving PSGML tricks (mostly in the form of .emacs lines) and I'm curious about those of other PSGML users, so I'll be posting a Web page of my own and soliciting those of others to add in a few weeks. Feel free to send them to me anytime; I'll credit all contributors.

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