Beta release of docproc - XML + XSL document processor

From  Fri Nov 21 11:44:54 1997
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 09:48:13 -0800
From: Sean Russell <>
Subject: XML on the web: docproc 2



I'm just now getting around to announcing docproc 2, an XML + XSL
document processor.  This is a beta release, and I welcome feedback.
docproc is currently installed on and is functioning
as a Servlet.

The URL for the docproc documentation and distribution site is:

There are several pages on Javalab which have been XML-ized, as test
cases.  I have spent most of my time working on the docproc package, and
the style sheets for most of these pages are not particularly clever.
The "document" style sheet is, however, rather complex, and it is this
stylesheet which the docproc documentation page uses.  One test page
URL, which will lead you to other test pages, is:

To retrieve and view the XML source of any given XML page on javalab,
replace "javalab" in the URL with "jersey."  Jersey is running Apache,
without docproc, and has NFS access to the same documents as Javalab.

Please be aware that Javalab is a testbed, and that you may experience
delays or periods of downtime.  In particular, the JavaWebServer on
Javalab has been having problems processing delivering non-XML
documents.  This has nothing to do with docproc.

Thank you, and again, please send me your feedback.

--- SER