SGML: Pre-announce: CoST version 2

SGML: Pre-announce: CoST version 2

From Thu Sep 14 18:16:29 1995
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Subject: Pre-announce: CoST version 2
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 1995 14:03:31 PDT
From: Joe English <>
Status: R

Hello all,

After over a year, CoST version 2 is finally (almost) ready.

(For those not familiar with CoST, it's a general-purpose SGML 
processing utility based on SGMLS and Tcl;  Tcl is John
Ousterhout's Tool Command Language.)

I'm looking for beta-testers and for people to review the manual.
Please let me know if you're interested.

A draft of the reference manual is available in PostScript
and HTML at <URL:>, or I can e-mail 
you a copy.

There are some neat new features in CoST 2; in particular,
the query language may be of interest.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback from the members of
this list, *especially* questions.  I'm afraid the reference
manual is a bit dense, and I'd like to improve it if possible.

CoST is free software, distributed under the Perl "Artistic License".

--Joe English