SGML: New Babble Version Available

New Babble Version Available

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  [1]   From:    "David L. Gants" <>     (35)
        Subject: New Babble Version Available

        Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 16:32:31 -0400 (EDT)
        From: "David L. Gants" <>
        Subject: New Babble Version Available

 >> From:   John Unsworth <>


Babble 1.1.1 (a synoptic Unicode browser) is now available for download at

be sure to check the documentation at

Some new features have been added:

1. Babble can now deal with SGML-tagged Unicode files delivered via the Web
   (fixing a problem with version 1.1 in which it couldn't find and load
    style sheets correctly).  As part of this change, stylesheets are
    now specified in the SGML Doctype declaration (see the documentation).

2. Babble can now flip texts vertically (columns) to horizontally (rows) and
   back again.
3. Installation and setup instructions are broken down by platform, and more
   detailed instructions are included on how to set up Babble as a helper
   application, and on how to set up a web server to serve unicode files to
4. Two installation versions are available, one for Windows95/NT with a setup
   wizard, and one for manual installations on other platforms (Unix).  The
   manual installation version includes a shell script that can be used to
   run Babble as a helper application.
5. A new utility, is included, for converting Roman-character
   files from unicode to ascii.
6. Help documentation now includes new features by release version and a list
   of known bugs and FAQs.
Enjoy, and be sure to send bug reports or questions to:
John Unsworth, Director
Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities