"ArcBase" PI - Re: SP 1.3 and Jade 1.1 Released

Subject:      "ArcBase" PI - SP 1.3 and Jade 1.1 Released
From:         "W. Eliot Kimber" <eliot@isogen.com>
Date:         1998/03/09
Message-ID:   <35046BD2.E8C0DBF5@isogen.com>
Newsgroups:   comp.text.sgml

James Clark has released an update to SP 1.3 and Jade 1.1. As part of this update, he has updated SP's (and thus Jade's) architecture support to reflect the final text of ISO/IEC 10744:1997 as it defines the "ArcBase" PI by which you declare the names of notations that declare architectures (the first step in the declaration of the use of an architecture). As originally implemented by SP, the PI looks like this:

<?ArcBase DSSSL>

However, the final text of 10744:1997 adds the keyword "IS10744" before the ArcBase keyword:

<?IS10744 ArcBase DSSSL>

We did this to help distinguish the PIs defined by the standard from other PIs that might be defined by others (including other standards). WG4 is reserving names that start "IS{digit}" for use by international standards. You can get more details about the ArcBase PI at http://www.ornl.gov/sgml/wg8/docs/n1920/html/clause-A.3.3.html.

If you are using Jade or any other SP-based process that depends on architectural processing, you will need to correct your ArcBase PIs to add the IS10744 keyword. If you use the version of style-sheet.dtd shipped with the latest version of Jade for your style sheets, you shouldn't see any problems with your existing DSSSL style sheets.

I suggest you copy the "<?ArcBase" form of the PI and modify the copy, leaving both forms in your documents for now so that pre-SP 1.3 tools will still give you the expected result. Once all SP-based tools are upgraded to SP 1.3, you can delete the old ArcBase form.

If you are using Jade, you will get errors like "jade:E: specification document does not have the DSSSL architecture as a base architecture". Find the DTD for your style spec (e.g., style-sheet.dtd) and correct the ArcBase declaration.

For other architecture-based processes, you may get results like Jade's or you may simply get no response. If you have architecture-based processes that worked before you upgraded SP and now they don't, the ArcBase form is almost certainly the problem.

My thanks to James for bringing SP into alignnment with the final text of 10744:1997. My appologies to anyone for whom this correct may cause inconvenience.

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