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OMG TC Work in Progress
Last updated: Friday, 22-Jan-99 17:12:01

Stream-based Model Interchange

Status: Revised submissions have been received.

This RFP ask for a stream-based model interchange format (SMIF) and solicits proposals for a transfer format specification for file export/import of models, and a transfer format specification for unique identification of the version of the MOF meta-metamodel and any metamodels referenced but not included in an SMIF-compliant transfer.

RFP Issued
Relevant documents:
ad/97-12-03 (Stream-based Model Interchange Format RFP): .doc .pdf .ps .rtf .txt
LOI Deadline April 3, 1998
Initial Submission Deadline July 6, 1998
Voting List Deadline August 26, 1998
Revised Submission Deadline October 20, 1998

Revised Submission List:

Daimler-Benz AG
International Business Machines
Platinum Technology
Recerca Informatica
October 20, 1998
Relevant documents:
ad/98-10-16 (Data file for the XMI submission to the SMIF RFP -- UML.dtd): .dtd .txt
ad/98-10-15 (Data file for the XMI Submission to the SMI RFP File MOF.DTD): .dtd .txt
ad/98-10-07 (XMI SMIF Revised Submission -- complete submission including appendices): .zip
ad/98-10-06 (XMI SMIF Revised submission -- Appendices): .pdf .ps
ad/98-10-05 (XMI Revised Submission to the SMIF RFP): .pdf .ps

Voting List:

2ABAugust 4, 1998
AviatisJuly 6, 1998
BellSouthJuly 1, 1998
BoeingMarch 17, 1998
Cayenne SoftwareJuly 31, 1998
Compaq Computer Corp.June 15, 1998
Concept 5 TechnologiesAugust 26, 1998
DMSOJuly 29, 1998
DSTCOctober 20, 1998
DSTCApril 3, 1998
Daimler-Benz AGOctober 21, 1998
Daimler-Benz AGMarch 24, 1998
Dimension EDIAugust 5, 1998
Dovetail SoftwareApril 1, 1998
Enterprise Engineering AssociatesMay 21, 1998
FujitsuOctober 21, 1998
FujitsuMarch 31, 1998
Hewlett-PackardFebruary 27, 1998
HitachiJuly 6, 1998
Humboldt-UniversitaetAugust 25, 1998
Inline SoftwareApril 20, 1998
Inprise CorporationAugust 3, 1998
Integrated SystemsMarch 26, 1998
International Business MachinesOctober 20, 1998
International Business MachinesDecember 17, 1997
Lucent TechnologiesAugust 26, 1998
MCI SystemhouseJuly 29, 1998
MITRE/Open Systems CenterAugust 18, 1998
NCRJune 30, 1998
NISTAugust 26, 1998
NortelApril 22, 1998
NovellMay 1, 1998
OSMAugust 10, 1998
ObjecTime LimitedJuly 6, 1998
Objective Interface SystemsDecember 17, 1997
OracleOctober 20, 1998
OracleApril 3, 1998
Platinum TechnologyOctober 20, 1998
Platinum TechnologyMarch 27, 1998
Protocol SystemsDecember 15, 1997
Rational SoftwareJuly 29, 1998
Recerca InformaticaOctober 21, 1998
Recerca InformaticaFebruary 10, 1998
Rockwell InternationalJuly 6, 1998
Rogue Wave SoftwareFebruary 24, 1998
SAP AGMarch 16, 1998
Shell Services InternationalAugust 27, 1998
Siemens Nixdorf InformationssystemeMarch 6, 1998
SofteamOctober 21, 1998
SofteamMarch 23, 1998
SybaseJune 15, 1998
TandemJuly 1, 1998
Technical Resource ConnectionJune 16, 1998
Telefonica I+DMay 29, 1998per Email request of Juan Hierro
Telelogic ABAugust 21, 1998
Union Switch & SignalJune 16, 1998
UnisysOctober 20, 1998
UnisysMarch 23, 1998
Universitat Politecnica, CatalunyaJune 25, 1998
VerilogApril 2, 1998

Initial Submission List:

Daimler-Benz AG
Recerca Informatica
July 6, 1998
Relevant documents:
ad/98-07-08 (Recerca Informatica/Daimler Benz Initial Submission to the SMIF RFP (Part 2 of 2)): .pdf .ps
ad/98-07-07 (Recerca Informatica/Daimler-Benz Initial Submission to the SMIF RFP (Part 1 of 2)): .pdf .ps
July 9, 1980
Relevant documents:
ad/98-07-09 (Initial Submission to the SMIF RFP): .doc .pdf .ps .rtf .txt
International Business Machines
Platinum Technology
July 6, 1998
Relevant documents:
ad/98-07-03 (XMI specification: Appendices): .pdf .ps
ad/98-07-01 (Joint Initial Submission to the SMIF RFP): .pdf .ps

LOI List:

DSTCApril 3, 1998Kerry Raymond, kerry@dstc.edu.au
Daimler-Benz AGMarch 24, 1998Mario Jeckle, mario.jeckle@dbag.ulm.daimlerbenz.com
Dovetail SoftwareApril 1, 1998Charles Rehberg, crehberg@dovesoft.com
FujitsuMarch 31, 1998Masayoshi Shimamura, shima@rp.open.cs.fujitsu.co.jp
Integrated SystemsMarch 26, 1998Johannes Ernst, jernst@isi.com
International Business MachinesApril 1, 1998Leo Uzcategui, leou@us.ibm.com
OracleApril 3, 1998Peter Thomas, pthomas@uk.oracle.com
Platinum TechnologyMarch 27, 1998Dilhar De Silva, desilva@platinum.com
Recerca InformaticaFebruary 10, 1998Josep Oncins i Casanova, uol@arrakis.es
SofteamMarch 23, 1998Philippe Desfray, desfray@softeam.fr
UnisysMarch 23, 1998Sridhar Iyengar, sridhar.iyengar2@unisys.com
VerilogApril 2, 1998Rodolphe Arthaud, arthaud@verilog.fr

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