SGML: Memory of Yuri Rubinsky (1952-1996)

SGML: Memory of Yuri Rubinsky (1952-1996)

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Date: 26 Jan 1996 09:37:09 GMT
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Like so many people round the world I have been deeply shocked by the news
earlier this week.  I am now beginning to gain some perspective about Yuri's
achievements. Here is my small personal contribution to moving forward:   

I first met Yuri in December 1990, when I had just heard of SGML, thought
it might be of some value to blind and partially sighted people, but really
did not even know what a DTD was. That meeting changed my life - and those
of many others.  

I treasure the impression (maybe falsely) that it was also significant
for Yuri. As early as October 1989, Jesse Kaysen had presented work
inspired by Yuri at SGML '89 in a paper entitled "The SGML Advantage
for Braille". My visit seemed to provide the spark that rekindled
Yuri's interest, as there had been little follow up to that early

That meeting influenced many things: the formation of ICADD and its
subsequent development; the European CAPS Project which based its work
on SGML; the current European projects HARMONY and MATHS; the
development of HTML and our latest major Proposal to the European
Commission, MEET-IT.

In our work over the last five years, hardly a day has gone by without
the name of Yuri Rubinsky being mentioned. He was THE key person. We
who knew him, knew that. Millions of blind and partially sighted
people throughout the world will never know the name, but their lives
are already being enriched beyond measure by his work.

Having known Yuri Rubinsky will remain one of the treasured memories
of my life.

Those of us who are left behind must redouble our efforts to build on
Yuri's legacy.

In deepest sorrow

Tom Wesley

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