SGML: Memory of Yuri Rubinsky (1952-1996)

SGML: Memory of Yuri Rubinsky (1952-1996)

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From: (Jim Sterken)
Subject: Eulogy to Yuri
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Organization: ArborText // 1000 Victors Way // Ann Arbor, Michigan  48108 // US
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 1996 14:26:06 GMT
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All of us at ArborText were deeply saddened by the sudden loss of Yuri
Rubinsky.  We extend our condolences to his family and his coworkers at

Yuri's energy, statesmanship, charisma, and sense of fairness molded
and shaped the SGML community to an extent unmatched by any other
individual.  His contributions were sometimes technical, often tactical,
usually effective, and almost always made with the interest of the larger
community in mind.

I doubt SGML would be where it is today were it not for Yuri.  It is not
just a cliche to say we will miss him.

Jim Sterken
President, ArborText