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1995 ANNUAL REPORTTribute to Yuri Rubinsky

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Yuri Rubinsky

This January, SoftQuad and the entire SGML community lost an industry leader, inventor and entrepreneur when SoftQuad President Yuri Rubinsky passed away, suddenly and unexpectedly.

Yuri co-founded SoftQuad a decade ago and was a well-known and respected World Wide Web innovator, committed to the development of software tools that would make SGML a practical basis for international document information systems world-wide.

Yuri's tireless work to advance understanding and applications of the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) began as an extension of his work in publishing and evolved into a commitment that has become his legacy. He was Chairman of the SGML Open Consortium, and a very influential member of many Internet and World Wide Web Standards and Technical organizations.

Yuri is widely known for his innovation and dedication to the development of software and information standards that enable information to communicate with the visually impaired. As technical advisor to the International Committee for Accessible Document Design (ICADD), he worked tirelessly to encourage the creation of software, and information markup standards, that allowed printed words to be seamlessly translated into large print, Braille, and speech.

Yuri was an exceptional man who accomplished many great things during his lifetime, and in his honour, the Yuri Rubinsky Insight Foundation has been created. This foundation is dedicated to commemorating the genius of Yuri by bringing together workers from a broad spectrum of disciplines to stimulate research and development of technologies to enhance human access to information of all kinds.

The Foundation provides a focal point for those honoring the life and work of Yuri. Colleagues, business competitors and friends universally acknowledge Yuri's generosity in encouraging cooperation and the exchange of ideas. The Foundation is a non-profit organization and accepts and acknowledges all donations.

Donations may be made at CIBC, Private Banking Centre, 2 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada M4W 2G7.

Attention: Anne Foster (416) 980-4749
Account #:77-16613
By wire: CIBC Yonge & Bloor,
Transit # 00502; bank code 010;
Account #:77-16613

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