SGML: Memory of Yuri Rubinsky (1952-1996)

SGML: Memory of Yuri Rubinsky (1952-1996)

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Subject: Yuri Rubinsky: A Personal Memorium
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I have known Yuri Rubinsky for nearly ten years, about the same
length of time I have known SGML, about a quarter of my time on
earth.  I have known him in many ways: as the chief impressario
and father figure for SGML, as a close business associate, as an
innovative technologist and standards guru, as a conference leader
and engaging speaker, as a fellow small company founder.  I have
known him not just in the business world, but also as a favorite
author, delighting me with the unique and wonderful "Christopher
Columbus Answers All Charges."

Yet as wonderful as these memories are, they tend to obscure what
Yuri represented most of all: one of the most fundamentally decent
people I have ever met.  For Yuri was not just the person who
personified SGML, he was the person who insisted that SGML be used
to help the blind.  He was not just the person who brought SGML to
the Internet, he was the person who ensured the World Wide Web would
be ICADD accessible.  And he was not just a colleague or associate;
he was a friend... someone for whom personal issues could be mixed
in with business, who would always do the right thing when it came
to it, who would treat people with dignity and consciously reinforce
their humanity.

Yuri, in whatever greater plan governs our existence, it is now your
role to move on, and ours to tarry here a while longer.  But as we
reach into our hearts and souls to find a proper goodbye, there are
no words powerful enough to describe how much we shall miss you.

    Eric Severson
    President, SGML Open