SGML: Memory of Yuri Rubinsky (1952-1996)

SGML: Memory of Yuri Rubinsky (1952-1996)

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From: (Murray Maloney)
Subject: Re: The Rubinsky Prize
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Organization: SoftQuad Inc., Toronto, Canada
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Date: Thu, 1 Feb 1996 00:29:07 GMT

Martin Bryan wrote:
> Perhaps the best tribute we could pay to Yuri's memory would be to set
> up an annual prize for the group that has done most during the past
> year to develop SGML-based services for the underpriviledged. I would
> suggest that the SGML '96 would be the ideal time and place to present
> such a Rubinsky Award, which The SGML Centre would be proud to
> sponsor. 

The outpouring of sentiment for Yuri Rubinsky is heartwarming.
I know that each of us is moved by each other's postings.
I can also report that Holley Rubinsky appreciates your thoughts.

Holley is developing plans to provide a lasting tribute to Yuri,
working with some of their closest friends and business partners.

On behalf of Holley, the people at SoftQuad and those throughout 
the world who knew Yuri and admired his spirit, we ask that you 
wait for a little while until we have time to put together what
is tentatively being called the "Yuri Rubinsky Insight Foundation."

It is Holley's hope that the Insight Foundation will facilitate
and contribute to the development of accessibility software,
serve as a source of scholarships, and grants, and that it can
serve those who say "I have an idea!"

There have been numerous offers of donations, each of which is 
welcome and will be pursued in due course.  I am keeping a file
for Holley with all mail and news postings. So, please keep in touch.

Please look forward to announcements on this newsgroup and at
major industry conferences in the coming months.


Murray Maloney 
SoftQuad Inc.