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Xyvision Demonstrates XML Technology at SGML/XML 97

Proof of Concept Demo Shows How XML May Expand SGML Usage from Departmental to Corporate-Wide Applications

Washington D.C. (December 9, 1997)--At the SGML/XML 97 conference today, Xyvision demonstrated XML technology in a "Proof of Concept" presentation showing how Xyvision's Parlance Document Manager and WebPorter could work together to leverage the benefits of XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and help an organization easily create, edit, and publish paper and Web documents from XML data.

Touted as "the future of computing" by Sun Microsystems' John Gage and "data the way you want it" by Microsoft's Bill Gates, XML enables richly structured content to be served, received and processed on the Web. XML proposes a compromise between the feature-richness of SGML and the ease-of-use of HTML, with both having been designed for interoperability. In addition, XML serves as an on-ramp to SGML for novices and those with limited requirements.

"We see XML as the universal data format of the future," said Kevin Duffy, Xyvision's president. "Xyvision is committed to supporting XML today, and in the future, throughout our publishing and document management product offerings."

In a Proof of Concept demonstration, XML, in conjunction with Xyvision's Parlance Document Manager and WebPorter, enables a company to leverage the benefits of SGML in the easier-to-use framework of XML and to transport these benefits to the Web. These advantages include the ability to:

  • Automate the production of both printed and Web documents from XML data
  • Distinguish between valid and well-formed XML data within the Parlance database
  • Parse XML data on check-in to the Parlance database
  • Embed CDF (Channel Definition Format) commands in source data for immediate notification of updates
  • Incorporate data binding technology within WebPorter to display XML data using current Web browsers
  • Incorporate context-sensitive searching of XML data within WebPorter enabling more precise searches
  • Embed XLL (Extensible Linking Language) links within source data to enable enhanced linking within WebPorter

"Until now, SGML has been used primarily by technical and commercial publishing groups," says Michael Maziarka, Xyvision's Director of Parlance Product Management. "Because of its future role in Web publishing, XML will extend the advantages of SGML to a wider audience. Now entire organizations can benefit from structured data and component re-use."

About Xyvision

Xyvision provides information management and document production solutions that leverage the value of an organization's information assets and automate the production of paper and digital documents. Since shipping its first systems in 1983, Xyvision has installed more than $300,000,000 in systems world wide. These systems are used by some of the world's most distinguished corporations, publishers, and publishing service providers to produce reference books, journals catalogs, directories, financial and legal material, and technical manuals.