GCA's XTech '99 Will Be Venue for New XML-Related Product Announcements

ALEXANDRIA, VA. February 24, 1999. Graphic Communications Association.

After months of rhetoric and accolades on the potential of XML, several international and domestic companies plan to announce and demonstrate the first real XML-related applications at the XTech '99 Conference and XIO '99 Exposition, March 7-11, 1999 at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California.

The conference's organizer, Graphic Communications Association (GCA), states that Finland-based CiTEC and American-based Kinetic Technologies (Virginia), ArborText (Michigan), DataChannel (Washington), and Sun Microsystems (California) will display new products that bring XML to life in a tangible fashion.

CiTEC will demonstrate "DocZilla," an advanced XML browsing capability on the Web. DocZilla displays XML and SGML directly, just like HTML, using Cascading Style Sheets and can manipulate the entire document dynamically using the Document Object Model and JavaScript. Kinetic will announce SIM, the Structured Information Manager, Version 2.3, an information database, delivery system and application environment. Reportedly, SIM will significantly reduce the cost and complexity of managing and disseminating large, time-variant information sets.

DataChannel will demonstrate DataChannel RIO 3.2, an Enterprise Information Portal publishing and management solution. They will announce a new Fortune 100 Customer, new partnership and new product and solution offerings in an audio press conference on March 2. They will also announce and demonstrate the expansion of their professional service and training division during the conference.

ArborText will preview upcoming releases of Epic and ADEPT that incorporate a free form XML editing capability. Sun will provide details on their announcement at GCA's spring conference that will draw hundreds of Web and application developers, system architects and integrators, and others wanting the latest applications of XML technology.

"XIO '99 is a milestone event for XML," says Marion Elledge, vice president, Information Technologies, GCA. "This will be the first international event where we see the demonstration, manipulation, and transfer of XML data. It's important that these companies hear from the users on whether or not XML is going to meet their expectations."

Many XML products will be on display in the XIO'99 Exposition, featuring demonstrations of XML interoperability, vendor theater presentations, and new product releases. The current exhibitor lineup includes Sun Microsystems, IBM, Microsoft, DataChannel, webMethods, Texcel, Inso Corp, ArborText, OASIS, Kinetic Technologies, Data Conversion Lab, Object Design, Uniqueness, Enigma, Sequoia Software, CITEC Information, Xyvision, and Advent/Lightbinders.

The five-day event includes pre-conference tutorials on XML, related standards, and technologies; three tracks including presentations on XML development issues, applications, case studies, and management paybacks; and the XIO '99 Interoperability Exposition.

XIO'99 is co-sponsored by the Graphic Communications Research Institute (GCARI) and Microsoft Corporation.

For more information on XTech '99 and to register, please visit the GCA Web site: http://www.gca.org/conf/xtech99/xtecindx.htm. GCA is the leading worldwide, technology management association that represents over 300 companies involved in electronic information management and various forms of publishing and distribution.

[See also the February 11, 1999 press release from GCA.]

SOURCE: Graphic Communications Association