New XT Release

From Fri Jan  1 23:34:59 1999
Date:     Sat, 02 Jan 1999 11:16:14 +0700
From:     James Clark <>
To:       XSL-List <>
Subject:  New XT Release

A new release of XT is now available. See:

The major change in this release is that XT is now SAX-based: it uses the SAX Parser class for input and the SAX DocumentHandler class for output. It thus no longer depends on XP and can be used with any XML parser in Java that supports SAX.

Also new in this release is an experimental extensibility mechanism. I'll say more about this in a separate message. See the demo directory for some examples.

Since SAX doesn't support comments, you'll only get support for comments if you subclass your XML parser's SAX driver to provide them in a way XT understands (either as a processing instruction with a null target, or using com.jclark.xsl.sax.CommentHandler). It's also desirable that your SAX driver support SAX's Locator interface and report the type of ID attributes. I've just released XP 0.5, which has support for all the above.


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