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XSchema - Goals

  1. XSchema documents shall use XML document syntax, using element nesting and attributes to describe all constraints that may be verified by a processor using XSchema .
  2. XSchema shall define a transformation from XSchema documents to DTDs.
  3. XSchema documents shall be capable of representing the normalized element and attribute structures defined in XML 1.0 DTDs, and provide namespace support.
  4. XSchema documents shall be parseable, manageable, and manipulable using the same tools used to parse, manage, and manipulate XML documents.
  5. XSchema documents shall be easy to create, read, and modify, and shall provide authoring support.
  6. XSchema documents shall be easy to use in combination with a parser to provide structural validation of documents.
  7. XSchema shall include an XSchema document and an XML 1.0 DTD defining the structure of XSchema documents .
  8. XSchema shall suggest mechanisms for applying XSchema documents to documents.
  9. XSchema shall include mechanisms for extending the information included in XSchema documents to support metadata.
  10. The XSchema specification shall be readable, clear, and rigorous, using terminology and nomenclature as close to the XML 1.0 specification as possible.
  11. The XSchema specification will comply with and be consistent with W3C recommendations.
  12. XSchema documents shall provide constructs for human- and machine-readable documentation.


Note on 5: XSchema documents are intended to provide authoring support to XML documents described by XSchemas, not necessarily to XSchema documents themselves.