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O'Reilly, Seybold, and Songline Join Forces to Support XML Development

SEBASTOPOL, CA--XML, the industrial-strength markup language being eagerly adopted by the Web development community, promises to be an essential tool for electronic commerce and information management. With the recent approval of the XML Specification by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), interest in XML development has picked up considerable steam.

To promote the development and commercial acceptance of XML, three companies that have long been Web insiders--O'Reilly & Associates, their affiliate Songline Studios, and Seybold Publications--have joined together to create XML.com, a new Web site that serves as a key resource and nerve center for XML developers and users. A preview site is now available, and the launch date for the full site is May 1, 1998.

XML.com features a rich mix of information and services for the XML community. The site is designed to serve both people who are already working with XML and those HTML users who want to "graduate" to XML's power and complexity.

The partners in XML.com bring complimentary expertise and a shared commitment to the development and commercial acceptance of XML to their joint endeavor. O'Reilly's contributions focus on XML as a framework and tool for Web developers. Content from Seybold Publications draws on the company's background in publishing tools. Songline Studios is developing and managing the site.

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