Tutorial: Introduction to XML

Tutorial: Introduction to XML

Date: September 9, 1999

Location: The London Ryan Hotel, Kings Cross, London.

RivCom is now pleased to present an Introduction to XML tutorial in London on 9 September. This is a rerun of a highly successful seminar we conducted earlier this year for the SGML UK User Group. The tutorial will be presented by Tony Stewart tony.stewart@rivcom.com (Director of Consulting, RivCom, and Member, W3C Advisory Council) and Adrian Rivers adrian.rivers@rivcom.com (Sales Director, RivCom). The aim of this tutorial is to provide a general introduction to XML, both for those who already have an understanding of SGML, and for those whose interest in Generalized Markup has been prompted by the arrival of XML. The course covers the XML family of standards and their relationship to recent technology developments and other standards. Practical ways in which XML is being used will be demonstrated.

Tutorial Outline

*	The Lie of the Land 
*	Why XML is making waves? 
*	Extensible Markup Language - defining our terms 
*	XML, HTML and SGML - core concepts and relationships 

*	The XML Building Blocks 
*	Elements, Attributes and Well-Formed Documents 
*	DTDs, Schemas and beyond 
*	Entities 

*	Applying XML 
*	CSS and XSL - applying style and behaviour 
*	Xlink and Namespaces 

*	Putting it all Together 
*	Making the best use of XML 

Admission will be by registration in advance only. Tutorial registration fees are £ 60 for SGML UK Members and £ 110 for Non-Members, including lunch and refreshments. You may register online http://www.sgml.org.uk/tutregfm.htm , or contact the SGML UK User Group Administrator Yvonne Vine admin@sgmluk.freeserve.co.uk (tel 01793 721106).


SGML UK is the United Kingdom chapter of the International SGML/XML Users' Group (ISUG). The Chapter was formed at an inaugural meeting in London in March 1992 by a group of British SGML users and supporters who had been meeting regularly under the auspices of ISUG since its foundation in 1984.

SGML UK aims to provide a forum for SGML and XML users and developers to share their experiences and ideas concerning the use of SGML, XML and other related standards. The main focuses of SGML UK activity are a programme of meetings and this Web site. There are currently around 200 members of SGML UK. More than 180 people attended a meeting on SGML, XML and Databases in October 1998.

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