XML Seminar in Sweden

From     mah@sorman.se Tue Jun  2 08:09:05 1998
Date:    Tue, 2 Jun 1998 13:45:29 +0100
Subject: XML-seminar in Sweden

XML-seminar 98 in Gothenburg [Göteborg], Sweden

The Swedish chapter of the International SGML Users' Group (ISUG) is arranging a XML Seminar the 9th of September at the Novotel in Gothenburg, Sweden. Eliot Kimber (ISOGEN) is invited as the seminar speaker and it is the first time Eliot visits Sweden. The seminar has room for 150 attendees and Swedish Chapter members have priority to the seats.

There will also be a XML workshop the day before, which will be divided into three similar tracks for more practical work with XML. The different tracks will be managed by Eliot Kimber, Per-Åke Ling (Ericsson) and Tomas Eriksson (Sörman Information) and with a total of 35 attendees all Swedish markup specialists will be present.

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