XML and Health Care - XML Europe 2000 Conference

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      17. XML and health care
      (12 papers)

            Analysing XML health records 
            By Andrew Roberts FRCS DM

            Designing XML based medical applications for windows 
            By Frank Boumphrey M.D. FACS.

            HL7 Patient Record Architecture update 
            By Sandy Boyer, Liora Alschuler

            Impact of an XML repository in development of XML messages 
            By Joachim Dudeck, Udo Altmann

            SynExML as a vehicle for Electronic Patient Records 
            By Benjamin Jung, Egil P. Andersen, Jane Grimson

            The Path.Finder project 
            By Simon Pearson

            Using XML for flexible data entry in healthcare 
            By Ralf Schweiger, Ali Tafazzoli, Joachim Dudeck

            XML data warehousing for browser-based Electronic Health
            By Dave Nurse, John Chelsom

            XML for blood ordering, investigation ordering and lab results 
            By Cheryl Hutchings, Andy Hadley

            XML for discharge summaries, clinical coding & bronchoscopy
            By Mansel Chamberlain

            XML in healthcare 
            By Joachim Dudeck

            XML in healthcare computing 
            By Sean Brennan