SGML: XML Dev Day 97: New call for presentations

XML Dev Day 97: New call for presentations

Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 22:16:56 -0700
From: Jon.Bosak@Eng.Sun.COM (Jon Bosak)
Subject: XML Dev Day 97: New call for presentations



I've agreed to chair the upcoming XML Dev Day August 21 in Montreal
and am reissuing the call for presentations with a different deadline
and some new information.  For widest coverage, I am posting this to
several different lists; please forgive the duplication.


A technical conference for XML developers will be held Thursday,
August 21, in Montreal, Canada.  The event will immediately follow
four days of HyTime tutorials and conference sessions in the same
location and, like them, will be hosted by the Graphic Communications
Association (GCA).

XML Developers Day is a single-track event devoted to technical
reports on the latest developments in XML theory and practice.  If you
are engaged in the development of any software that works with XML --
converters, parsers, servers, clients, or XML-based vertical
applications -- here is your chance to share your work with an
audience that can understand and appreciate it.  Demonstrations of
running software will be given special consideration.

The XML activity includes work on a subset of DSSSL, so implementors
of DSSSL tools that work with XML are invited to report on their
efforts as well.  We're also open to presentations on XML-based
languages (CML, OFX, etc.)  and related efforts that might have a
significant impact on the future of XML (MCF, XML-data, etc.) if they
are of particular interest to XML developers.

Vendors of commercial tools can participate, but they must confine
their presentations to the technical aspects of current XML products
in development.  Table space will be made available for the
distribution of product announcements and commercial literature.


The registration fee for XML Dev Day is $395 for GCA nonmembers and
$320 for GCA members.  This is mighty inexpensive for an inside update
on the very latest activity in this field.  You can register at

N.B.: Presenters get in free.


If you would like to give a report at this event, send a paragraph or
two describing your presentation, based on a conservative estimate of
the status of your project as it will stand on August 21, to Jon Bosak
(  Also include a description of the
audio-visual equipment you will need for your presentation and an
estimate of its duration.  Please include the phrase "XML Dev Day"
somewhere in the Subject line of your message.

Since we want up-to-the-minute reports on activities in progress,
there will be no published proceedings, and therefore you need not
submit your entire presentation in advance.  But please try to make
your forecasted description as accurate as possible so that the
conference organizers can choose the most interesting and relevant

I am moving the deadline for submissions to Friday, July 18, in order
to get in everyone who might possibly have some late-breaking news.
Submissions coming in after that will be considered, but it may not be
possible to accommodate them.


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